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10 Resolutions for Laidback Gardeners Garden t Garden

10 Resolutions for Laidback Gardeners Garden t Garden


10 Resolutions for Laidback Gardeners

Get rid of problem plants and you too can be a laidback gardener! Source: laidbackgardener.blog

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A Laidback Gardener's Response to Murphy's Law of Gardening. 20181020F content.yardmap.org.jpg



Why would anyone want to empty a garden ...

20181231B Sayed Abdo, pngtree.com

Garden Myth: Deadheading Lilacs Improves Bloom


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A Laidback Gardener's Guide to Planting in Dry Shade

Murphy's Law of Gardening

Death of the Creator of English Roses

Organic Gardening

Pumpkins on the Roof? Why Not?

Plants for Dry Shade

Plant a Row (Grow a Row in Canada): that's the title of a program launched by the Garden Writers' Association to encourage gardeners to think about planting ...

Laidback Gardener

Showing children how to garden has a positive lifelong effect.

Learn as you help out in a collective garden.


The 'knot garden', small interlocking hedges creating a complex pattern

Canada is home to one of North America's most spectacular private gardens. We've written twice about Les Quatre Vents, near La Malbaie, Quebec (here and ...

Avoid Touching Your Vegetables When Their Leaves Are Wet – Laidback Gardener

In trying times, we need our own sanctuary. Don't we? It could be real or a place we magic up in our mind. A place of refuge from anxiety or fear; ...

Start Your Own Moss Lawn

Every year, the National Garden ...

Confessions of a Laidback Gardener: I Don't Rake My Lawn in Spring

Less Fertilizer Less Often for a Beautiful Lawn

On the list of unnecessary garden tools, the lawn aerating (or aeration) sandal (also called a lawn aerating shoe) is near the top.

... (performing multiple tasks simultaneously): answering the phone while filling in a crossword, weeding the vegetable garden while watching the kids, ...

10 Creative Weekend Garden Projects

Macramé Plant Hangers Are Trendy Again: Who Knew?

Early garden resolution: Let go of perfectionism

Parking strip gardening: 10 tips to planting in 'belts of bleakness' next to a curb | OregonLive.com



Sarah Raven picks up some fresh ideas for next season at the pleasantly laid-back National Gardening Show in Somerset.




Our first view of the folly, like a ruined temple in the forest


We are excited to announce that the long-time publisher of the Toronto Gardener's Journal & Source Book, Margaret Bennet-Alder, has handed the publishing ...

Here's the inspiration I promised when I wrote about concrete garden projects last week: works of imagination – all of them carefully crafted of concrete ...


Rusty ...

Gardening: A Vertical Challenge

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Home Look Like a Cottage

When Pantone named Ultra Violet its “Color of the Year” 2018, native plants were way ahead of them. Pollinating bees and butterflies love the colour purple ...

Wandering perennials can charm you at first, but wait until they start strangling your other garden plants!

21 Ideas for draught-proof gardening. The term "xeriscaping" was first coined by the Denver Water Board and has been used to describe landscaping methods ...

A weird thing happened on my recent visit to this exuberant Buffalo garden. Almost every picture (almost every one!) was out of focus.

A plant blind person won't notice when a plant is in distress.

Garden Myth: Weeds that Indicate pH

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When ...

Black Beauties: 10 Film Noir Flowers for a Glamorous Garden

Click any image to open this slideshow of past scenes from TTGGs over the last few years, plus a few vignettes from the TBG (including our feature image) ...

... gardening experience, is simply nonsense. 20171123C Greg Hume, WC.jpg

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Ironweed (Vernonia fasciculata) ...

The laidback gardener does practically no fall cleanup (he trusts that Mother Nature knows how to take care of his plants)… but in the spring, ...

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire

Lane's structure is concrete, the tall Doric columns moulded in Sonotubes.


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Toronto Gardener's Source Ebook. We're excited.

... learn (for just the cost of a ticket) from the city's best gardeners and garden designers, no matter how small your garden or how humble your budget.

What Can You Store in a Garden Shed Over Winter?

(Click any image for the slightly less-fuzzy slideshow – including a portrait of the garden's creator.)

Plants Groundhogs Don't Like


It isn't unusual to see Toronto playing other cities on film or TV. Toronto pretends to be New York in shows like Suits, for instance.

Understanding Hardiness Zones

Do You Really Have to Cut Ornamental Grasses Back in Spring?

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... learn (for just the cost of a ticket) from the city's best gardeners and garden designers, no matter how small your garden or how humble your budget.

What is more laid back and lovely at the same time than a Cottage style garden? Filled with color and old fashioned favorites, a well planned cottage garden ...


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Australian Designer Peter Fudge | Backyard Gardening More Front Garden ...

Towards a Less Needy Lawn


Chris Beardshaw's Garden Chelsea 2016

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4. Plant only plants that tolerate dry shade. Why put in a sun-loving plant like a peony? It will only be miserable. Or a moisture-living plant like an ...

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