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20 People Who REALLY Didnt Think Things Through Design Fails

20 People Who REALLY Didnt Think Things Through Design Fails


20 People Who REALLY Didn't Think Things Through

20 People Who REALLY Didn't Think Things Through

186 Epic Design Fails We Can't Believe Actually Happened

#2 Kansas City Really Lets Tourists Have A Good Time

#5 It's Pretty Good Advice

#17 My Friend's Graphic Design Class Has Had This On The Whiteboard As An Example Of “Good Work” For Weeks.

#20 That's Amazing

#42 This Company Didn't Proofread Their Slogan Acronym

#1 Can You Beam A Warp Core?

#36 Nice Place To Cut Off The Sign Disney

#19 Apparently Incest Is Perfectly Fine

#21 I Followed This Bus For 4 Blocks To Wait For It To Pull Over To Share This Beautiful Work Of Art

#46 Do They Not Have More Than One Photo Of Julie Delpy?


Via Pinterest.

#43 $490 Swimsuit That Suggests That You Don't Use It To Swim

Don't be happy, worry?

Sometimes, though, they overlook potential design flaws or come up with ideas that are just “too out there.” These hilarious fashion design fails are at ...

20+ Epic Design Fails That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

thats not right

Pulled from shelves in 2007 for marketing itself as an alternative to illegal street drugs, this over-the-top energy drink has 2.5 times the caffeine of Red ...

#91 This Had To Go Through So Many People To Get Made

Always fun with children:

20 Best Boredom-Busting Subreddits You Should Follow Right Now

project failure businesses examples



#70 I Can't Even Find The Right Words To Title This Mess

Stage 1: A Failure of Tactics

#73 Taste The Feeling® Of Crappy Lenticular Design

33 Epic Design Fails That Will Make You Cringe

... the 3D virtual world simulator where you can create an avatar of almost any description and then proceed to do whatever you want. Google's failed ...

25 of the worst marketing fails in recent years

Who needs a right elbow, anyway?


Hewlett-Packard's ill-fated TouchPad.

20. Olympic Logo of London 2012

Via jcpenney.com.

Transcripts of the public radio programs interviewing Oluo

#54 They Didn't Really Think This Design Through On My Brother's Wrestling Shirt

25 Bathroom Design Fails That Will Make You Say, "No Thanks."

#6 Built The Staircase Exactly As Designed, Boss

Nobody will mix up these two:

20 Funny Texting Fails That Prove Parents Shouldn't Text

10 Mistakes and Secrets You Never Knew About Famous Logos

#61 Design Fail Or Extremely Honest Novelty Tank Top

No, really, there's nothing wrong with this one. (zune.net)

I think this is supposed to say "London," but .

Nike's wearable fitness tracker was well-received by reviewers, but failed to find a following with consumers, accounting for just 10% of the market two ...

How to fail as a developer

marketing fails, the london dungeon

101. WebTV, WebTV Networks (1996)

6. Office of Government Commerce

17. Kudawara Pharmacy

#35 Right In The Middle

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Watermarks are fun:

Here are people's devastatingly honest answers

You have to have a really malicious mind to see this one.

11. Clinica Dental

These Hotel Fails Might Make You Decide To Just Stay Home

12. Computer Doctors

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For a company famous for a pain-relieving topical cream, introducing a line of aspirin probably seemed like a natural fit, but consumers didn't think so.

20 People Who Really Regret Shopping Online

Nice nose:

... to completion of construction is infinite and the margin for error is infinitesimal, man-made structures inevitably fail from time to time. Bad design ...

The double-meaning in this one was actually intentional. So, it's probably more a WIN than a fail.

Meanwhile, your vision, your strategy, and your tactics are all things you can directly control.

10. Pepsi

20 Great iPhone Apps You Didn't Know Existed


marketing fails, coca-cola, russian ad

us travel department, marketing fails

... pyramids of the culture that is its namesake, the Aztek suffered from an unappealing design that some consumers thought looked too much like a minivan, ...

success rate of new products

20 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Roommate Notes

Google has tried again and again to field a viable messaging alternative to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Apple's iMessage, and it has failed each time.

7. Mont-Sat

Box of instant success

15. Institute Of Oriental Studies

Trading Spaces worst designs

#13 Little Girl Selfie Gets Photobombed By Bear-Like Father

Kevin, a retiree from Seattle, had a remarkable response to surgery. But doctors still can't predict who will succeed with bariatric surgery, ...