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Across the entire discipline theres only one subfield where the

Across the entire discipline theres only one subfield where the


Across the entire discipline, there's only one subfield where the number of tenure-track

By 2017-18, that number stood at 828 — a drop of 55 percent in a decade. Unlike previous declines, this one ...

Integration and Fragmentation in Political Science: Exploring Patterns of Scholarly Communication in a Divided Discipline

Summary of Analysis of Variance Results for Tests of Differences among Means for Subfield and Methodological

Total number of articles (full professors). Note logarithmic scale of abscissa

The ranking of journals across (sub-) disciplines. To improve clarity, journals

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ecology subfield ngram

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The Verdict Is in: Sociology and Political Science Deserve the Hatchet - Freakonomics Freakonomics

Relation between 2DS based on ECOOM major fields and ECOOM subfields (for all papers in

Cumulative probability density function of the h-index—full professors

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Journal Influence: Overall and by Subarea (1996–97)

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Cumulative Volume of Historical Research in Marketing

Political Science

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Ranking of Top 20 Political Science Journals, by Methodological Approach

Figure 2.1 Classification of Communication Programs

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10 Basic Psychology Disciplines

The Sub-disciplines of Electrical Engineering

1 Contemporary Psychology ...

Michael on Twitter: "Perhaps those who stand in opposition to not just subfields, but entire disciplines across humanities, social sciences, religions, ...

In the center of the chart (box 1) is what a business school analyst would call 'the value proposition' of this stream of research — that is, ...

Structure of epidemiology and its subfields. Since the formation of the field of epidemiology, a number of subfields have emerged to specialize into ...

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Subfields of Psychology

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A view of the component subdisciplines of kinesiology that offer the potential for inte-

Paradigmatic orientation (% of assigned works in different traditions). a

Sub-field normalization in the multiplicative case : average-based citation indicators

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Attrition Themes Arrayed into Modified Theoretical Framework

Original map by John Snow showing the clusters of cholera cases in the London epidemic of 1854, which is a classical case of using human geography

Terminology of Anthropolgical Disciplines in North America and Continental Europe

Is Krugman Too *Optimistic* About the Economics Discipline? | The New Republic

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Political Theory: The State of the Discipline: Evangelia Sembou: 9781443848497: Amazon.com: Books

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Emerging fields vis-à-vis existing disciplines.

Powered by academic investigation, HCI became a crucial instrument in popularizing the idea that the interaction between a computer and the user should ...

What's required to complete a basic, introductory essay might essentially be the same across all disciplines, but some types of assignments require ...

Exoskeleton Industry and exoskeleton subfields in 2016

Couverture BSSG 3

Table 1 Curriculum Map: Introductory Course Snapshot

Figure 1: Female inclusion ratios ordered per sub-field, courses in the sub-fields, and level of courses offered. Click to enlarge.

Figure 3 e from Sinatra et al, Nature Physics 11, 791–796 (2015).

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1998 Program Call for Papers: Community, Communities, and Politics

IPSI - International Poetry Studies Institute

Minors and Specialisations are optional for a student and designed for students to pursue their passion and goals

A Vision of Anthropology Today – and Tomorrow

Figure 1: Based on SED data. The gray line is the best linear fit. The black line is the best quadratic fit.

6. Public Administration Public Administration as a discipline ...

The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration: Amazon.co.uk: B. Guy Peters, Jon Pierre: 9781446200506: Books

I think it's fair to say that there's some gender inequality in the evaluation and promotion processes.pic.twitter.com/bUlwBwoyzp

Paper dolls hold hands, symbolizing social networks and the field of sociology.

How the Jobs Crisis Has Transformed Faculty Hiring - The Chronicle of Higher Education

FIGURE 3-2 The mathematical sciences and their interfaces in 2013. The number of interfaces has increased since the time of Figure 3-1, and the mathematical ...

A diagram includes five vertically stacked arrows, which point to the left and right.

Figure 1

Getting Sociology Right by Neil J. Smelser

3 Social Sciences  Social Sciences are the disciplines that study human social behavior or institutions and functions of human society in a scientific ...

In any case, we can identify several main types or branches of science, similar but different from the above example, some of which can be grouped under ...

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Interpreting International Politics (Routledge Series on Interpretive Methods): Amazon.co.uk: Cecelia Lynch: 9780415896917: Books

Introductory textbook authors live on the leading edge of psychological science, examining the entire discipline from its history to the modern frontiers, ...

Cooperation among scientific disciplines still requires individual experts in their fields. Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon/Flickr


Fifty percent of these programs have only the subfield of biodynamics, and nearly the other half have a predominance of this subfield. There is only one ...


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In addition, other disciplines contribute to the area of Christian Leadership. These include the theological disciplines like Biblical Studies, ...

Figure 2: An illustration of co-authored works featuring up to three authors; author order preserved. Click to enlarge.


What are the subfields of political science and how are they different?

Image titled Be a Successful Engineer Step 1

How much impact can research have if it's just an incremental advance in a super-specific discipline? US Army Africa, CC BY

black and white photo of a woman standing in front of a subway as it zips

Table 1 Articles by Subfield

European Political Science

The geologic time scale from 650 million years ago to the present, showing major evolutionary