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AltSchool is transforming learning in their communities and beyond

AltSchool is transforming learning in their communities and beyond


Citizenship, agency, responsibility, empathy: These are the student-created community values of AltSchool Union Square.

AltSchool educator David Rodriguez makes the case for videos as a powerful learning tool that supports student agency and open-walled educational ...

AltSchool's methodology combines traditional classroom learning with technology-enabled learning methods. However, it's differentiation really lies in two ...

Celebrating Community: AltSchool Students Perform an Original Song

AltSchool's network of schools includes our own lab schools as well as diverse partner districts and schools across the U.S. working together to transform ...

Two boys interacting

AltSchool: Designing the Future of Learning

What if all students could successfully drive their own learning, with educators playing an essential role in designing those experiences?

AltSchool Educator David Rodriguez shares lessons he learned from experimenting with personalization and successfully building a foundation of personalized ...

A Human Network, Enabled by Technology

AltSchool is transforming learning in their communities and beyond with a mission to make the best

Our educators want to do more than impart knowledge, we provide students with the opportunity to develop skills that will help them plan, face challenges, ...


... in which they reflected on their experience exercising community stewardship and taking action in their broader community beyond school.

Introducing the AltSchool Student Storytellers


Mark Zuckerberg, Silicon Valley Investors Bet $100 Million on AltSchool | EdSurge News

Changemakers: Palo Alto Families Bring Two New Schools to Community

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We are focused on putting children at the center of their learning by engaging them with hands-on projects, a supportive community in the classroom and ...

Photo of AltSchool Yerba Buena - San Francisco, CA, United States

AltSchool Innovation Model – Source: AltSchool

Personalized learning and big data in education make up the bones of AltSchool's ...

Inside the School Silicon Valley Thinks Will Save Education. altschool

Schools still adopt the same teaching method since the 19th century [i]. Can AltSchool scale a more efficient and fun learning experience?

AltSchool Elementary School

Alex Ragone on Twitter: "#Fieldwork: Math work on the Q subway #altschool… "

With $100 Million From Silicon Valley Elite, AltSchool Takes New Approach To Classroom Learning

Odyssey STEM: First to Combine Big Picture Learning and altSchool


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Learning by Doing

AASA - the School Superintendents Association- visited Vista Unified to learn about how personal learning

Can AltSchool—The Edtech Startup With $174M From Billionaires Like Zuckerberg And Thiel—Save Itself From Failure?

Max Ventilla and his family

1:57 PM - 11 Jun 2018

Benno Herre, age five, has recently enrolled at AltSchool, which aims to prepare

The Key to 21st Century Classrooms Isn't Tech. It's Evolved Teaching.

Photo of AltSchool Yerba Buena - San Francisco, CA, United States

Nancy Otero, founding director of research and learning design at the Portfolio School, and

Social Justice in the Student-Centered Classroom by John Bouton and John Daves, Ph.D.

One: provide funding proportionate to the change we need

Digital technologies are paving the way for disruption in the classroom with the development of personalized learning tools. Transforming ...

20 Alternative Schools in the UK

AltSchool students. (Photo: Jeff Singer)

Kate Walsh (NCTQ) recently leveled a hard critique at reformsters which echoed a criticism from two years ago by Robert Pondiscio.


by Jill Gough

Ellen Cate, center, helps twins Matthew and Julia Fazzino with fractions at their home on Nov. 16, 2017. Cate, a family friend who is also home-schooled, ...

Shaping the New EXPERIENCE of Learning Across the globe, human ingenuity is transforming all dimensions ...

Project team synthesizing data


Only 19 students currently attend the Portfolio School, but it plans to have 80 students

Classroom at AltSchool

AltSchool, The Zuckerberg-Backed Tech Primary School, Heads To Chicago

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... A look inside AltSchool Brooklyn Heights (sponsored)

The four target areas for our action plan: proficiency-based personalized learning, leadership, engaged community partners and flexible learning ...

When personalized learning includes skateboarding: One suburban district's dramatic transformation

the 2015-2016 d.school fellows: Civic Innovation, Education & Beyond!

Rosan Bosch's Vittra Telefonplan

Learning From Those Who Are Learning about Personalized Learning

Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

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Our personalized, whole-child approach to education prepares students to navigate their way in a rapidly changing ...

Almost every school today needs to counteract enrollment loss to opt-outers who are part of the growing “choice” movement, all seeking alternatives that ...

AltSchool headquarters

Take a look!!!

Ventilla took a first stab at redesigning classroom learning in 2013, opening AltSchool's first micro-school in San Francisco's Dogpath neighborhood.

Despite widespread reporting about Finland's successes, the majority of America's school boards have marched in the opposite direction: reduced recess, ...

Education Next : Education Next is a journal of opinion and research about education policy.

We want to end the invasive corporate control of students, schools, and communities being pushed in the name of technology. We want to create actions to ...

LSN : News : Thought-starter: Why are affluent schools banning technology?

This week (the week of May 4, 2015), Audrey Watters looks at a massive round of funding raised by the “micro-school” startup AltSchool.

Alex Ragone on Twitter: "#Fieldwork: Math work on the Q subway #altschool… "

A Comprehensive Guide To New York City's Best Private Schools - New York Family Magazine

Why your program of Tefilla Education should have a social action component

Content for this infographic is excerpted from The Consumerization of Learning. Read the book and be part of the discussion about how schools are finding a ...

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Photos by Paul Chinn / The Chronicle

Jarrett Sweet, a sophomore, actually was selected to co-facilitate the conference. He facilitated several activities and discussions and provided valuable ...

Empowered is a popular word. But in North Dakota they are handing schools over to Knowledgeworks, a foundation that will convert schools to technology.

Students engage in internships in their own community by following the Big Picture model and use the altSchool platform to drive their learning ...

Photo of AltSchool Yerba Buena - San Francisco, CA, United States ...

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An example of AltSchool technology, the teacher view vs. student view

Since much of the OAS mission for education is to add more technology, more early childhood learning all while adhering to the UN's SDGs, you may like to ...