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August Runfessions Got2Run4Me Runfessions t

August Runfessions Got2Run4Me Runfessions t


Runfessions: Before Summer Slips Away

Last month, I runfessed that I was starting to really get fed up with some things about my gym. Well fast forward to the beginning of this week and don't I ...

I've never been much of a chafer while running. Lucky me, right? I runfess my luck ran out during pool running of all things. One would think water would be ...

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This is amazing. I don't think you understand. #run #runchat #runfessions #running #Runtastic #runlikeamother #runlikeagirlpic.twitter.com/RSYimtJkCG

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Vacation Talk

June Runfessions

Summer Runfessions. 1. I runfess that I actually worry that I may drop my things in the potty at the trail. When I use the facilities there after my run, ...

We appreciate your support of the Weekly Wrap. Our Guest Host Series will be winding down soon. This week's guest host is the lovely and vivacious Teresa ...

Runfessions Over Coffee

Once I was sure she wasn't in there. I went in and turned the water off!

December Runfessions

... in August–it's the heat and the humidity–and we had a taste of that this week. Before I start whining about August, I'd better finish wrapping up July!

I also runfess that I couldn't resist the dramatically cooler weather and lower humidity on Thursday, so I squeezed in a long run before work instead of ...

I love having to step over and around her crap –and all that is hers–to get ready.

If you read my August Runfessions, you know I recently took a mini running break. Now, I look forward to using UCAN as I train for the RnR Las Vegas half ...

Using Apps For Workout Music

all her stuff she was occupying the other vanity area

... Resort & Spa I was afraid the rates would bust my budget, but apparently the world wasn't beating a path to Austin on the next-to-last Monday in August.

I runfess: I hinted to my son that I'd love a Boston Marathon race course pint glass for Christmas, but I don't drink beer (modern day hints include texting ...

Of course the heat does not make for good running, but all that sunshine sure makes me happy! That brings me to the Runfessions for this month.

July Runfessions

July Runfessions!

Hemp Heart Bars Review

SoulCycle says that it is “indoor cycling re-invented” and promises that “SoulCycle doesn't just change bodies, it changes lives.

Running Along Route 12, Without Getting Killed

... you believe it's August already?!” but I'd probably whine about how dark it is when my alarm goes off. Even the weather channel app knows it's dark!

5. I runfess that I've nearly killed these flowers three times. I've told you that I don't have a green thumb, but all these flowers need is water.

Weekly Wrap

Mount Elden Lookout Trail

SUP in the potomac river

Friday Five: February Runfessions

Because the weather has been so iffy, I runfess that I shifted my runs around and made a rookie mistake. I moved my long run to Wednesday to avoid the rain ...

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Aug 2016

June Runfessions

Runfession #4 — I'm also lovin' working with Trainer Stacy. Having a plan to follow, much like with running, really makes all the difference for me — really ...

I could blame my lack of interest on my workload and hectic travel schedule, but my Octobers always are busy, and that hasn't stopped me before.

Say Yes And Don't Be Afraid To Fail - Got2Run4Me

September Runfessions

Favorite Photos Of Washington D.C. Monuments - Got2Run4Me | Pinterest | Jefferson memorial

... spirituality of running

After a 5 minute warm up, I did intervals aiming for 1 minute in the “orange” zone with a 1 minute recovery of at least 30 seconds in the “green” zone.

Yellowstone Mudpots And West Thumb Geyser Basin

I decided the flat shade of Hains Point was worth the tedium, and chose to experience it as a tourist. If I were on a business trip, I'd love to find a ...

Running Tips - When to Choose the Treadmill. Sometimes it's obvious when it's a better

My July mileage ended at 113. This is the first month I've exceeded 100 miles since September 2015. I'm usually treated to a pretty sunrise every morning at ...

Wouldn't it be great if I could reschedule all my poorly timed intentions to a time of day would they would actually be useful?

After a failed comeback attempt in August and an epic vacation hiking at the Grand Canyon, I started back slowly, running 3-4 miles on the flat, ...

To quell my nerves, I thought I would look back on my Ragnar training, to reassure myself that I've done all I could to get ready.

The description on Katy's mix was too fitting to resist.

If you need something you've bought before, you just tap on the icon so it reads “Out.” If you need to add something new to your list, you tap on the “+” ...

Next weekend my husband will be doing the 68 mile ride of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Farm to Fork Fondo and I am so excited about it.

I runfess that within hours of finishing the marathon, I was considering running another one as a redemption race. I know I can do better than that under ...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

If you read my race recaps, you can tell that my favorite race distance is the ten miler. I know many people prefer half marathons, but I think they are ...

First of all I will Runfess that I was taking a gamble letting go of a Labrador's leash this close to the water. Baylee's a good dog though so I figured ...

Yellowstone Bison Bonanza

330 calories {gulp}

Another month of 2018 is coming to a close. I runfess I'm really

I had a great time on our vacation in Europe, but I wish I could get away to the beach for a few days in August.

I ...

Lack of running hasn't deterred me from signing up for any races. I plan on signing up for more on Saturday during the Trail Racing Over Texas ...

In keeping with this week's Friday Five theme, I'm sharing my favorite post-run foods. See what others are talking about at the link up hosted by Courtney, ...

... chapters 21 and 22, which paint a picture of a heavenly kingdom with pearly gates and streets of gold illuminated by eternal light. While I don't ...

My best guess is that all that cycling combined with my solid running base helped me cross the finish line smiling. So, here's what I learned about how to ...

In her week six newsletter, Tina gave us an exercise to do to reflect on our journey so far. Keeping with the theme of threes, she asked us to provide three ...

Grocery Shopping Made Easy (Giveaway)

The National Park Service is repairing some of the wooden bridges on the trail. There are a few places where we are diverted onto mulch paths, ...

It wasn't an easy decision, but every time I thought the rain was letting up another downpour came through. And then there was thunder.

We are only 3/4 mile into our run, when this sky catches our attention.

We had a big group, but my friend got this solo shot of me during the 30 seconds I was in the lead.

1. This summer has been really hot and humid here in Nashville. I runfess that I have been a bit of a wuss and completed way more runs than I probably ...

Taking Starbucks On The Road

Do you do keep your runs shorter in the summer?

Chicago Road Rash

We encountered a fox on our run–that wore both of us out!

I've told you that I don't have a green thumb, but all these flowers need is water. Seeing them shrivel up in the heat is a good reminder to stay hydrated.

Register here and use COCO for 10% off!

Farm To Fork Fondo Overview

Now that I think about it, that marathon was 27.6 miles long!

Only every other mile did we get water, and in 90% humidity that's not enough for many runners. Any August half should probably plan for 10+ aid stations.

Ok, here goes... I runfess:

May Runfessions -- Running Less And Eating More?

You can't walk across the bridge anymore–an earthquake a few years ago left it too unstable–but you can cross behind it and enjoy the views.

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Yep, that's a #runchat mix and a mix by Katy Widrick!

The detour lasts about a mile, and then we are back on trail. I think this bridge was redone not too long ago. I love how the sunlight–and the river ...

We met at the boathouse @ 8:30 Saturday morning, left our shoes in lockers, fastened on life vests, and headed to the dock. After minimal instructions on ...

August Round Up of Running Gear

How would you like to cross that on a horse-drawn carriage?

If you're training for a marathon or any race, check out my playlist

The first #FFInspired blogging prompt is this: Does God care what I put in my body?

I spent last week counting down to the Pennsylvania Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo. It's the ride I've been looking forward to since we signed up in January, ...

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