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Change The Orientation of The Crop Tool Learn Photoshop

Change The Orientation of The Crop Tool Learn Photoshop



In CS6 or newer, you can swap the orientation of the crop tool (horizontal or vertical) by pressing X on the keyboard while the crop tool is active.

Change The Orientation of The Crop Tool

Crop Tool In Adobe Photoshop Elements

How to Crop and Change Crop Orientation | Lightroom 6 | Tutorial

The original image size after undoing the crop in Photoshop

The Rule of Thirds

Photoshop CS6 automatically places a crop box and handles around the image. Image © 2012

Lightroom 5 tutorial: Using the aspect ratio crop overlay | lynda.com - YouTube

10 Crop Tool techniques

content-aware-crop-fill-step4b. Learn more about other Photoshop ...

Before opening the Transform tab, press the R key to activate the Crop Tool.

To temporarily access Precise Cursors, enable the “caps lock” key.

How to Change the Crop Orientation in Adobe Lightroom

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Crop Tool Overlay Options

Basic Photo Editing: How to Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop – View Image in

Grid, Guides, and Ruler Shortcuts in Photoshop CC

The Crop that's not a Crop

The crop border has switched from Portrait to Landscape orientation in Photoshop

Quick Tip: Change the Crop Orientation in Lightroom

Perspective Crop

Re-select the Crop Tool to edit the crop at any time. Image ©

Crop photos for Facebook

Image titled Crop in Photoshop CS6 Step 3

How To Use The Crop Tool In Adobe Lightroom CC for Mobile


While the Crop Tool is one of Photoshop's most-basic tools, you might find that there is more to this tool than you might know. In this tutorial, we will ...

Crop Overlays

5 Crop to the Same Size

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5) Changing Blend Mode


Click Crop and then click the Straighten icon on the Tool Options bar

Crop tool

Image titled Rotate an Image in Photoshop Step 1


Photoshop Crop Tool Tips and Tricks - Crop Images like a Pro

Basic Photo Editing: How to Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop – Straighten Image

10 Crop Tool techniques

For those that don't ““ and at other times when you want to change the orientation of a photo ““ there can be several ways to change an image's orientation, ...


Changing the Orientation of the crop tool


Select the image you want to crop and drag a crop rectangle over that image. When you double-click to finish, the image will be cropped to the same size and ...

How to Crop in Photoshop

10 Crop Tool techniques

How to Crop an Image in Photoshop

Photoshop Playbook: Changing Orientation From Portrait to Landscape and Beyond - YouTube

Basic Photo Editing: How to Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop – Commit to Crop

In this photograph I want to draw the eye to the hat. In the View drop down box I selected the new "Golden Spiral" grid. As I adjusted the size of the crop ...

Basic Photo Editing: How to Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop – Content Aware Cropping

customize toolbar winow

Crop Overlay Selection in Adobe Photoshop

In this image, to eliminate all of the white space and direct the viewer's focus to the chandelier and windows, grab the Crop Tool at the top centre point, ...

Skylum Aurora HDR

To create your own preset, set the width, height and resolution in the tool options bar and then click the fly-out menu for the crop tool and select New ...

When you click the Crop tool you can choose from various presets by clicking the dropdown list to the immediate right of the tool in the tool options bar.


If you have a brush configured, and simply want to change the tip of the brush (while leaving all of the other brush attributes as they are), ...

How to use the Photoshop Free Transform mode | lynda.com tutorial - YouTube

Advanced cropping tips for a faster workflow

10 Crop Tool techniques

This option helps you to change your portrait oriented cropping to landscape orientation and vice versa. You can see below two images for better ...

After defining a custom brush, I changed the Shape Dynamics and Scattering options in the Brush panel and saved the (now modified) brush using the Brush ...

Learn Adobe Photoshop - Image Size Options

Changing the Aspect Ratio of a Picture in Photoshop by Stretching, Not Cropping! (4:3 into 16:9)

Next time you go to crop an image, remember that there are more options for the crop tool than may initially meet the eye.

Try changing the roundness and angle for variation. Note: for more structured dotted and dashed lines, try using the Shape or Pen tools with a stroke ...

Crop Tool Photoshop

Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop CC. Adjust the cropping ...

Photoshop will name it for you, or you can add your own name if you prefer.

10 Crop Tool techniques

Toolbar selection in Photoshop

Open Image in Photoshop. You should select the Crop Tool ...


rule of thirds crop tool settings

How to Rotate Image in Photoshop CS6

image showing a photo before and after cropping

Eyedropper tool

10 Crop Tool techniques

10 Crop Tool techniques

Crop Photos with Confidence

Resizing the crop border after the initial crop with the Crop Tool

So, hopefully you will consider this as a clue as to how we can crop to specific dimensions by linking the Crop tool to the Process Recipe.

Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop CC


Hand tool

10 Crop Tool techniques

how to flip a layer in photoshop cs5

If it's too large, it may not upload online. In the top menu under Image is Image Resize. Here, you'll learn how to change the size of your photo.