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Disgusting Pro LIFE t

Disgusting Pro LIFE t


This is horrible and disgusting. I know amazing people with Down syndrome, and would probably know more if they weren't always aborted

Just Flippen WOW!!!!! disgusting pro-abortion

What shame and disgust, my taxes support this. They don't honor my religious rights but they do honor cultish abuse from moslem sharia. Disgusting

Or killing a child bc you don't want it and it's your choice. Disgusting.

I find it disgusting that pro life people spend more time bashing women about having an

I'm torn between either being pro life and pro choice. I think abortions are horrible ...

If you think this, you are a disgusting person and you clearly don't actually care about saving lives. You just don't like abortion.

You disgusting fool! So it is okay to punish and murder the precious helpless baby?

Can't wait for this sick, disgusting woman to retire!!!! Pro LifeRespect ...

Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts for profit...disgusting!

The person who actually does this does not deserve the dignity of life him or herself

Not pro life. Vile disgusting hypocrites

What a disgusting quote. And our society upholds Planned Parenhood as a good thing? | Who I am... | Pro life, Quotes, How to plan.

Disgusting. Walking Away, Pro Life, Sad

Even though I'm pro-choice, I don't agree with this

anti-choice and anti-life are hypocrites! i am proud to be pro-choice and pro-abortion !

Absolutely Disgusting, Intersectional Feminism, Faith In Humanity, Minho, Lgbt Community, Social

Mr Haver Currin said: 'Mostly, they put down their signs and bullhorns and

The censorship of conservative viewpoints and values by big tech is worsening by the day. What Twitter did to this poor young girl with Down Syndrome is ...

Pro-life citizens join a rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court on June 30, 2014 as the court releases its decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

The graphic, disgusting pictures on the quad today are not helping those negative connotations. They are absolutely horrendous. I remember my youth group ...

I think gay people are disgusting. I

Pro-life Community Responds After Northam Calls Attacks Against Him ' Disgusting'


This is tragic, this is a dead baby, this is abortion... Life Is PreciousPro ...

... -wears-dumbest-hat-everinspires-conservatives-to-vote-for-her-pro-life-republican-opponent-bill-schuette/ … via @100percFEDUPpic.twitter.com/lCMqsZF3ld

This is why I think pro-life people aren't really pro-life, ...

They have no respect for any life. My team at @LPJLeague greeted them with these signs. Because they never show up to #MarchForActualLives it's ...

I don't care what you think about the matter of "pro-choice". a survivor of the womb is up for debate and that's disgusting.

The $400,000 T-Shirt

You have to be a SICK disgusting person to have an abortion. I can'. Pro Life ...

“Comedian” Sarah Silverman Says Pro-Life Laws “Make Me Want to Eat

Surreal: To show what they see as the illogical side of pro-life thinking

Covert: Sometimes the activists appear behind their rival activists to sneak funny photos behind their

Greg Gutfield from Fox's "The Five". He can be really funny. Rebecca Bourg · PRO-LIFE

Kirsty Perkins


Hipster, Libtards think tax payers should pay for everything. and why wouldn't they, none of them pay taxes!

10 Reasons Why Abortion is Evil & Not a Pro-Choice

Anti choice group letter to all Texas hospitals. A disgusting attempt at thwarting our right to healthcare.

Whether you're pro-choice or not, the abortion debate is not about you | World news | The Guardian


Emily Crockett/Vox

Kermit Gosnell, one of the most disgusting men on the planet.

If this is a real shirt this is disgusting...I know many families who have adopted. -I plan on adopting as soon as I can. Please tell me this T-shirt is a ...

In Defense of the Defenseless. Pro Choice, Pro Life, Respect Life, Common

Many of these "Muslim" terrorist groups aren't actually Muslim, as they


Abolish Human Abortion/ gross picture, but I get meaning behind it. Choose Life

Disgusting perv #michigan

No it should not Life Is Precious, Pro Choice, Pro Life, Love Life

The government protects some wildlife but don't care about the unborn child~~very disgusting to me. What is wrong with people and their twisted ways?

Most people don't realize it, but abortion is legal through the entirety of

9:35 AM - 7 Mar 2018

'Gosnell' is the pro-life movie Hollywood doesn't want you to see

So it isn't really about the unborn fetus anymore--it never was

Jimmy Parker

Gloria Steinam is a disgrace and Obama is giving her a presidential freedom award What a disgusting T-shirt

I am against abortion!

The Candidates the Media Ignore: Scott Walker…

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly 2018-08-30 l FULL EPISODE

Disgusting, you forget to care for the children who are already here while romanticizing a fetus without a brain or a heart

So true 100% pro life

Dear Pro-Choicers: Why Are You So Angry?

Just kill us if they disagree with our life choices because we aren't “in our place” which is under their thumb. Disgusting.

Quin Hillyer

How to Catch an Illegal Immigrant T-Shirt

'Abortion has long been viewed an uncivil topic for public discussion.'

Faith in humanity Wtf Fun Facts, Funny Facts, Gross Facts, Crazy Facts,

#disgusting #abortion #prolife #TeamMessina https://t.co/MgbuUfEmBy… https://t.co/dO5iE3kDnL"

And where's the pro-life crowd now?

15 year olds can't drive or vote but can get an abortion. . Pro LifeRespect ...

Men should no longer be celebrated once they've committed abuse, rape, murder, etc. But they are. And it's disgusting.

Don't forget how he constantly harassed her and called her disgusting for having a peroid

Making the World a Better Place

Unfortunately, the truth is that we live in a life-centric culture that insists on prizing the living, marginalising the dead, undead, and transdead among ...

Serious: There are also more earnest messages too after dozens of people began joining the

Didn't your parents decide to choose life FOR you? Abortion is murder, people. Anyone who does not think so clearly does not see true value in life .

because the 'pro-life' movement doesn't support children after they're born.it's only concern is governing a woman's reproductive rights.oppression of women ...

Odd one out: In many of the photos the protesters look as though they are


Definite contradiction going on there... Innocent Child, Life Is Precious, Liberal


This is disgusting. Some people should think twice before opening their disgusting mouths. ♥ pro life!

My new awesome pro-life atheist intactivist Whovian friend Traci!

May you gain a full understanding of your actions.

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Pro-life! Funny Memes, Vape Memes, Kid Memes, Funny Quotes,

More liberal logic. smoothmarble · RIGHT TO LIFE ...

An NRA T-Shirt

Colleen ❄️


The only time Democrats won't use children as a prop, is a pro-abortion rally- Greg Gutfield

Shorty candy(cane) 🐻 🗝 ♤ 🎩 ⛄ 🍭Prolife ProudGirl

Yes, a lot of the time it isn't a lie. But some woman, do lie about this. It's fucking disgusting and we need to start pointing them out.

DISGUSTING: A pro-life blogger literally plots a scenario in which women are captured

He knitted us in our mothers womb we belong to Him. Pray to Stop abortion