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FYI Nong Shim Pack de 20 Nouilles Instantanes Ramyun Vgtariennes

FYI Nong Shim Pack de 20 Nouilles Instantanes Ramyun Vgtariennes


FYI: Nong Shim Pack de 20 Nouilles Instantanées Ramyun Végétariennes Epicé Doux 112 g

NONG SHIM Kimchi Ramyun

NONG SHIM Hot & Spicy AnSungTangMyun Ramyun

I like the noodles, they're round... x3 The dried stuff in the clear sachet looks pretty unidentifiable, though.

It's the NONGSHIM HooRooRooK Noodle Soup from Korea! What an awesome name, for an awesome noodle soup in such an awesome designed package! *A*

Wai Wai Instant noodles - vegetarian

After adding water to the noodles/powder/oily stuff/vegetable crap, there was a nice smell of Ramen in the air. After some time steeping and mindlessly ...

It's not even that pricey, actually this is one of the cheapest Ramen in the market so every poor ass can afford this awesome SHIAT! Yaaaaay!

(c) Nhung Brunnen <3

even the sachet is dangerously red

Name: Hao Hao Instant Noodles Mushroom Flavour Price: ~0,33

This was a 'FUUUUUCK-my-bowl-is-too-small'-moment, which often occurs when eating Korean instant noodles, haha, those bloody huge big-ass noodle bricks -.-"

Even if I wrote before that I won't post about boring A-One-Ramen anymore, I still have to mention this one: The vegetarian A-One Instant Ramen. Why?

So I broke the brick in four extremely symmetrical pieces, (hahaha what a badass I am), and poured the red powder above it. The flavouring didn't smell hot, ...

Even without adding the extra pack of chili powder. Just FYI for you Ramen-noobs out there, if you didn't know^^


Still looks boring as crap, though. No green stuff, either. The only good thing, before eating this, is the smell of the soup: pretty aromatic, ...

A-One Mì Ly Vegetarian Flavour

The noodles are light and thin. I believe they are somen noodles.


If the noodles weren't so cheap (talkin 'bout 35 ct cheap Yum Yums), in this case 50 cents, you can expect more than one crappy bag of flavouring.

6673480. >>

Wow, these noodles, I ate them today, and it wasn't my first time eating them,... but somehow,... I don't understand it, maybe my taste in Ramen changed ...


Three sachets for a lame, boring vegetarian, ramen, not bad.

These Ramen... I think they are pretty famous among Instant grub fans. Look, even the cast from K-Town eats them! (Check out 5:10) They are from South Korea ...

This Ramen I bought without having a fucking clue what 'Thai Suki' actually was. Looks delicous, judging from what the picture on the front shows.

FYI: HOMFA Chariot de Service Desserte de Cuisine à Roulettes avec Paniers en Maille Métallique