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Hes gorgeous Oh hot damnn t Mannen

Hes gorgeous Oh hot damnn t Mannen


Damn papa

damn, he's hot!

Well damn... Who is he? This pic is too sexy.

Hot guy with glasses --- YES PLEASE!

Damn he's hot

Damn he's gorgeous! And really nice I've read. :)

damn, he's hot! handssome and muscular too!

DAMN!!! Can't think straight right now.

Damn he's hot looking

Damn he's fine looking

DAMN DAMN DAMN...Chocolate delight

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damn, he's hot!

God he's gorgeous xxxxx

Idris Elba, he's just kind of gorgeous and awesome. More

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Don't know who he is but fuuuck he's hot...| lol. Maluma

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yeah...that's Godfrey Gao

Colin Egglesfield, I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE him. He needs to be cast in a Nicholas Sparks book turned into a movie!!!

Damn! Can Yamen.


He only looks slim, but he's all muscles. Damn !

He is so damn sexy. | sexy guys | Pinterest | Beautiful men, Sexy men and Hot guys

Riley McMillan (if you ever read my book, you'll hate him in the end. Hahahahaha)

Luke Evans Bard, Luke Evans Dracula, The Hobbit, Lotr, Dragon Slayer,

Lenny Kravitz.....bet he's a great cook! Wondering if he'd come over and boil me a big pot of pinto beans???

frattytastic: “he's gorgeous ”

Oh damn…Rick Fox is a silver fox... Rick Fox, Hommes

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Damn...those lips! Tom Hardy Hot, Jack O'connell,

Jonathan Rhys Meyers He's so damn sexy. He's Irish. What else is there to say. :)

yea, guess i can see how he looks like tj.

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Hot damn!!! I love him!

dean winchester...don't know who this is but, rightfully, #ManYumms


I have no idea who you are but you, my fine sir, have some of the sexiest arms I have ever gazed upon...HOT DAMN!

Most beautiful man in the world. Flawless

I'd say this falls under "for fun :-)" And I will momentarily disregard that he's wearing a Giants tee.

Michael O'Neill...Dermot Mulroney. I don't care what his name is. He's hot.

Damn, he's fine! Don't really like dreads, but damn

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damn, he's hot!

~Denzel Washington: A talented actor, he won two Oscars, one for the movie "Glory" & the other for "Training Day." Warm, Intelligent and mesmerizing, ...

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Oh my Ganesh!

Brock O'Hurn. He's so damn sexy!


Don't know who this guy is but he's handsome

I don't even feel bad for saying he is one of the most attractive men ever

Gerard Butler...that's what I'm talking about! Pretty People,

Ben Barnes - I can't decide if he's hotter with long or short hair. Either way, man is bloody hot.

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Holy F#@k!! Talk about aging well. Damn sexy!

Damn I wish he was my super man

I'll admit it... My weakness is salt and pepper beards

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Nykyrian's Skin is this color and he's shaved most of the time with white/maize colored hair growing in at times

sean o'donnell OMG He's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!

I think he's fine BUT, I have a problem with his pants this tight !

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Sexy, sexy man

Ain't nothing wrong with a slice of DARK CHOCOLATE every now & then now is there!?

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A man in uniform - and in this case, mostly out of uniform - is definitely on my list of top ten favorite things in life....hot damn.♡DanaMichele

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Seriously can't get over how handsome he is.

can someone explain to me why i have never seen such a mermaid coming out of my pool ?

Didn't used to think he was handsome but now... He's growing on me lol

Colin O'Donoghue...GOOD LAWD this man is gorgeous!!! this is perfection!!!

Beautiful man:3 he's so pretty!! -Helena(: Hot White Guys

Laurence Nicotra....there is just something about older (classy) men....they are just so damn sexy.

Oh, hot damn!

damn... whoever you are, you can crash my party anytime!!!1 #countryboyloving

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I don't know who Scott Clifton is, but he's damn cute.

Such a beautiful man. GOD DAMN damn daniel back at it again wit them sexy green eyes

Hm I don't know Jamie dornan is pretty good but so is Ian it would've been pretty different

uh ok noah *inserts drooling emoji*

I don't care what people say. He is an extremely talented actor. Being the most attractive man ever is just a plus.

So he's not a product (or is he?) I just love the look of this man!!


I absolutely love this mans eyes!!! DAMN

Hugh Jackman. I know I've posted him once. Twice, even. Three times a charm?? He's just so freakin gorgeous.

David Beckham - coffee, tattoos, and hot! Doesn't get any better than that.

hollllllllly hell. i've never seen a more beautiful man.

Assad Hadi Shalhoub. Persian Prince. Don't normally go for Eastern guys but he's an exception I'd make/do

Jake T. Austin lookn' fiiiiiine!!! gosh he has grown up. did you know he's 18?

Aaron Diaz...don't know who he is but DAMN!

Kofi Siriboe of Queen Sugar. Taylor Collins · HOT DAMN

Now that's my type of Butler

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Ok, so I wanna know how this dude is so damn hot, gorgeous, pretty, sexy, all at the same time. I feel like this is impossible. There's no way he's that ...

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Damn he looks just like my Ex to the tee!!! Wow so Hot!

damn he's pretty. a lil too pretty but his eyes are amazing!!famous Indian star..Hrithik Roshan!!