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I Love Shimokitazawa Website I Love t Shimokitazawa

I Love Shimokitazawa Website I Love t Shimokitazawa


Japan Off the Beaten Path: Shimokitazawa - Young, fashionable Japanese people walking down street

Within just a few minutes train ride form Shibuya and Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa has become popular as a unique neighborhood.


... 7 Unique Stores to Enjoy at Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa is a truly special experience. Whether for the shopping, the food, or the nightlife, I am sure you will enjoy uncovering the secrets of this ...

Hookah Lounge. Hookah Lounge. The Juicy Dumpling at Shimokitazawa

10 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Shimokitazawa

... you come to Tokyo for sightseeing, it's a bit of a waste to only visit the usual tourist spots! However, if you can't speak Japanese it is hard to enjoy ...

However…. one thing that can be tricky in this area…is the fact that little kiddies don't often share the same joys of “wandering” like I do.

things to do in shimokitazawa

A First-Timer's Guide to Shimokitazawa


... the hectic streets of Shibuya or Shinjuku, head to one of Shimokitazawa's cafés in the evening to wind down with a glass of wine or a draft beer or two.

Shimokitazawa - The Town of Second-Hand Fashion and Vibrant Subcultures

Streets of words and sounds

... bath—and head to Chicago Shimokitazawa for its wide selection of vintage treasures. For everyday items and knickknacks that make good souvenirs, ...

However…. one thing that can be tricky in this area…is the fact that little kiddies don't often share the same joys of “wandering” like I do.

Bohemian Tokyo in Shimokitazawa Shopping Store

When we found a David Bowie-themed Airbnb it soon seemed like Shimokitazawa was the neighborhood for us! We were so glad to find this spot which I can't ...

Checking Out Hidden Spots in Shimokitazawa

A crowded street in Shimokitazawa

The Japan post entries felt like forever or something. Finally, this is the last post of our trip. So on my previous post, we visited the Nissin cup noodle ...

【RAINY JUNE】Shimokitazawa B&B; Enjoy Reading and Drinking On Your Trip

Shimokitazawa→Sangenjaya Photo Stroll — PICA Things We Love Japanese Design Prints

It's a little pricey for my pocket, but the lovely display on the store will make you feel like you're visiting your grandma's closet (if your grandma is ...

Bon Dancing in Shimokitazawa

Gallery image of this property

Viewing ...

Loveinn Japan -Japanese love hotel guide-

Shimokitazawa Hostel Reservar agora. Galeria de imagens deste alojamento ...

When I first started working in Shimokitazawa and didn't know any place to hang out, a friend of mine — who is a lot more Tokyo-savvy than I am ...

First Love (SHIMOKITAZAWA Mitsuo) chapter 0 : [Oneshot] page 1 - Mangakakalot ...

frankie melbourne espresso maldive browns cafe and books on the way coffee cupcakes bear pond bookends

However…. one thing that can be tricky in this area…is the fact that little kiddies don't often share the same joys of “wandering” like I do.

10:30 PM - 21 Dec 2017

Photo by: Nano Betts

Shimokitazawa Tokyo Street

We also got to try a couple of coffee shops. The weird part about Shimokitazawa is that most places don't open until 11am, even coffee places!

Image of SHIMOKITAZAWA - Paperback Picture Book ...


No, you're not in Williamsburg–you can tell by the nonexistent fixie population.

1. mois café

"Shimokitazawa (#Tokyo, Japan) is what the world would be like if Hipsters ran it." (Japan Talk)

FLASH DISC RANCH, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo records shop I love Tokyo Shopping, Tokyo Trip

Some thoughtful graffiti in Shimokitazawa

The Homes Of Japanese Fashion: Harajuku, Shibuya, And Shimokitazawa

However…. one thing that can be tricky in this area…is the fact that little kiddies don't often share the same joys of “wandering” like I do.

Thought you guys might like my pic. Taken in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo on a rainy day. : Cyberpunk

Shimokitazawa clothing store

the Shimokitazawa-tokyo travelblog @eastpak

Just a few minutes walk from Shimokitazawa station, there is a bookstore called Shimokitazawa B&B, where you can order alcohol as well.

used record shops shimokitazawa tokyo

Shimokitazawa South Exit

Shimokitazawa Tollywood

Kaiso Daizawa bakery in Shimokitazawa Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan, Nara, Kyoto, Bakery,

Shimokitazawa recycled clothing


Shimokitazawa is known as the source of subculture in Tokyo. There are many furugiya (vintage or second-hand clothes) shops, live house, records shop and ...


Shimokitazawa. SHIMOKITAZAWA If you like ...

If I lived in Shimokitazawa, Eight Burger is probably a place I would visit often. They also have an outdoor terrace that looked like a great place to relax ...

I loved sifting through a box of postcards and another of old Tokyo pamphlets. The place just smells like beautiful pre-loved stories.

Shimokitazawa Station Map

Mode Off Shimokitazawa

One of the main things I've come to love about living in Tokyo is the plethora of traditional festivals which take place in the streets of local ...

Shimokitazawa (Setagaya) - 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

I love stumbling across a hidden gem like Mois Cafe. I was just wandering a residential side street not far from the station and there it was.

Flamingo Shimokitazawa

Used Record Shopping in Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa Station and Accommodation Guide

the Shimokitazawa-tokyo travelblog @eastpak

Tokyo · Shimokitazawa · Shopping. Entrance

Next we headed to Flash Disc Ranch, and record shop located on the second floor of a building. There were a ton of records for sale, all at great prices!

Definitely not looking like your average Vietnamese

However…. one thing that can be tricky in this area…is the fact that little kiddies don't often share the same joys of “wandering” like I do.

B&B – Book and Beer. Time Out Tokyo · Shimokitazawa ...

These bars haven't changed much since the Showa period – you'll feel as if you've gone back in time!

Tokyo Unknown 4K | Shimokitazawa

Marche Shimokitazawa retail complex, Tokyo


Marugame Seimen Shimokitazawa

Gallery HANA Shimokitazawa - Enjoy Modern Japanese Art

... shop and hang out, in Shimokitazawa you'll find a new event space called the Shimokitazawa Cage that has recently opened. A place where people can enjoy ...

Powann - "Happy Miracle Love Song" live 7-19-17 @ Shimokitazawa Shelter, Tokyo.

Alternative Live Performances at Artist in Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa shot on Acros 100 with a Leica M6J

shimokitazawa street

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Shimokitazawa Station Lines

What Kind of Place is Shimokitazawa? newyorkjoe160708a. Shimokitazawa ...

Shimokitazawa Goto