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Its a feature 9gag

Its a feature 9gag


It's a feature

It's not a bug, it's a feature

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

It’s a feature

Wtf is this shit again 9gag? just tell me it's bugged

Its not a bug, its a feature.

Do you remember how everyone was complaining about Apple's phone bent so

Bethesda: It's a feature

9gag timing at its finest part #8

It's not bug, ...

It's not a bug, it's a feature

IPhone 6 information and its new features and the price!

B*tch please.. its antenna was used instead of AK47 bullets.

When you discover that installing the 9GAG app it's actually giving you

“It’s a feature not a ...

Feature request: I want 9gag's creators be rich ...

Irony: Its more fun in the Philippines

I bet it's true for many people ...

The Indestructible Phone Is Already Here.

Just got the new Iphone 10, ...

It's not a bug. Just a feature.

"It's not a bug ...

The 1st/3rd person view perspectives feature has been removed, it’s only

It’s pretty obvious if you think ...

When you ask Bethesda if it’s a bug or a feature

IPhone 5 Frame Problem: It’s a Feature, ...

I'm getting married today! It's been exactly

Yes, it's still working.

Apparently Yelp has a Message Board feature, and its GOLD

I hope this is a bug and not a "feature". It&#

9 9gag takes credit for 4chan memes. They claim to be 5 memes. /

It's like missing all the ignorant pieces to a wierd puzzle

The impossible has been done, ...

The awesome Nokia 3310 but it's only ...

Some say its photoshopped

I swear its not photoshop

My second rage comic!

9GAG buries the 'memeist' monument ever made to confuse future humans - Memeburn

9Gag keeps on delivering ...

Just found this legend while going through some old stuff. Unfortunately it'

“@9GAG: It's so true though... http://9gag.com/gag/a3dWwo3?ref=tp … pic.twitter.com/pIwOugvo8y”

My brother thought it's a TV remote, I told him "

Chuck Norris thought it's touchscreen otherwise ...

It's a little bit cold outside right ...

Worship the hate apple god.

It's better to be the hammer than the ...

It's your turn again, Apple.

Typical girl "feature", programmers lounge ...

19 Apps Like 9GAG

Now it's pain in the ass trying to get back where you

Ssshhhh.....it's my one pack belly

Zabivaka’s Ancestors : The evolution of World Cup Mascots

Not crying so much given its a parking meter.

I really think it's better ...

... we recommend you check out Rudy Huyn's unofficial 9GAG Windows Phone app. It's a feature-rich app with a full Windows Phone experience.

I mean, I know its real meaning...but the internet has ruined

So I saw this on the internet on most dangerous websites you don'

Waw AlNamus, a volcanic Salt water oasis in the Libyan Sahara desert. Its unique

Badass programmer

I know it's HMD and blah blah but come ...

Apparently Yelp has a Message Board feature, and its GOLD

It's almost disturbing


9GAG, The Asia-Based Social Site With 80M Monthly Visitors, Steps Into Mobile Games

It's not just a phase, this is really ...

If phones were video games Wtf Funny, Phones, Nerdy, Videogames, Best Funny

Funny ...

It's a constant reminder for ...

NOW I am scrared to have dates🤢

When will Windows phone get it's official 9Chat and 9Gag Apps ... I really feel left behind. :( - Cookie

Its ok I'm a engineer

It's so.... beautiful *teary ...

We ...

Vandalism Won In This City

Its on internet so.

The bridges were burned, now it's your ...

Underappreciated (or overlooked) animated movies

R.I.p vine

Human made waterfall in Assam, India... Architecture at its best.

📌This post is not pinned,I am tricking 9gag into rhinking its pi nned

Who would win

9gag's Meme Rock | #SmashTheStone

It's an aftermarket feature all German and American cars ...

Rio Tietê - Brazil - yes... its waters ...

Woman Remote Control - I know you want one

YouTube serves ads to the movies from its usual pool of advertising demand that courses through the platform to its 1.9 billion monthly active users.

The first meme above shows a picture of a seemingly college textbook cover featuring five college students who are holding a textbook with their picture on ...

China built a replica of Paris, and it's now a complete

9Gag ...

As a newly forming game developer asking beta testers about the game



As a single dad, it's nice to have your daughters help when starting a new job.

yashh“@9GAG: the best part of getting a new phone pic.twitter.com/AipVYjHZJ8”