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MS Through A Photographers Eyes how MS feels t

MS Through A Photographers Eyes how MS feels t


Eye problems, including pain and vision loss, are often the first sign of MS

MS can cause pain, itching, and a number of other symptoms affecting the skin


Problems with speech or swallowing are among the rarer symptoms of MS.

Educating yourself about MS can ease your fears and help you better manage the disease.

Pain. A lot of people with MS ...

How Secondary-Progressive MS Puts Me in a Whole New Place



MRI of the head of a 35-year-old man with relapsin

Paresthesia is an abnormal skin sensation such as tingling, tickling, prickling, itching, numbness, or burning. In people with MS, nerve damage causes these ...

Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

... MS diagnosis and doing everything I can is part of my journey. No matter what, I'm determined to keep living life on my own terms, taking on the ...


Diagnosing MS often requires ruling out other possible conditions with similar symptoms.

Most of the side effects of steroids used to treat MS flares will subside once drug

Composite Illustrating MS

What is tumefactive MS? Tumefactive multiple sclerosis (MS) is a rare form of MS that involves a mass in the brain. Symptoms can include headache, ...

Pictures of Multiple Sclerosis MRI Images of the Brain

The Best Multiple Sclerosis Apps of the Year

woman experiencing vertigo

Lyme Disease Can MImic MS


Ocrelizumab for MS: Is It Right for You?

MS And Vision Problems

Multiple sclerosis (MS) facts

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Self-Assessment: Making the Best Lifestyle Choices for your MS Care Plan

Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus

The key to diagnosing MS is primarily magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. With rare exceptions, multiple sclerosis causes changes in the brain and/or ...

Bucket or Chuck It: For Those with MS, Some Goals Need to Be Thrown

Everyday Life With MS

Multiple sclerosis, derived from the Latin multiplum, multiple and Greek sklerosis, induration, usually abbreviated to MS, is a disease of the central ...

Fig. 1. Bright spots represent lesions on a T2 FLAIR (fluid-attenuated

What is MS?

Clay Walker, a celebrity living with multiple sclerosis

New Study Links Food Allergies to Increased MS Disease Activity


It can be paying you a compliment, or it can be also saying, Well

Take the MS Quiz. An infographic chart highlighting the ages of 15–45 as the predominant range for multiple

motel williams, a celebrity living with multiple sclerosis

Illustration of the four types of multiple sclerosis and how each one progresses.

250+ Ways to Manage MS

Jack Osbourne: 'MS Is Different for Everyone'

Walter Williams, a celebrity living with multiple sclerosis

MS Demyelinisation CD68 10xv2.jpg

Multiple Sclerosis 8 Tips to Minimize the Emotional Impact of MS

Illustration Of MS Attacking Brain

Inspiring Multiple Sclerosis Tattoos


Reconstruction of the corticospinal (motor) tract through an MS lesion

I Don't Feel Sorry for You, Ms. Spelling

New CDC Registry to Monitor MS and Parkinson's Prevalence and Disease Trends

What it's like having MS ( Multiple Sclerosis)

What are the early symptoms and signs of multiple sclerosis?

Before diagnosis

MS Lesson Learned: 'Let People in; They Can Handle It.'

Other MS Symptoms

How to Break the Cycle of Insomnia If You Have MS

A Change in Diet 'Saved My Life' Says 30-Year MS Veteran

MS Symptoms: Weakness or Numbness

progression, MS and depression risk

Multiple sclerosis symptoms connected to sight and vision include blurred vision, distorted colors (particularly red and green), eye pain and even vision ...


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Eye Complications Associated With Multiple Sclerosis

Woman With MS Walking

Man With MS Skydives Onto Mount Everest: 'I Feel Very Happy'

MS: Foods to Avoid

Managing Multiple Sclerosis Muscle Weakness

Weather May Affect MS


Stroke And MS Brain Scans

... for reducing risk of violence in a November 24, 2018 article by Zusha Elinson. It is included below and as a PDF with permission from the publisher.

Tips for Warming Up Cold Feet When You Have MS

With MS, the first rule of bathrooms--is don't talk about bathrooms.

Turned off by wife's turned on television

Photo: Young couple sat in conservatory