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Shipping crate for an 8inch spherical naval shell ca 1864

Shipping crate for an 8inch spherical naval shell ca 1864


Shipping crate for an 8-inch spherical naval shell, ca. 1864. Original

Union Arms Company.

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Naval artillery

RARE CIVIL WAR COLT .36 CALIBER AMMO CRATE FOR THE '51 “NAVY.” These ammo crates were not meant to survive! Intended merely to get ammunition from the ...

Austrian 1854 lorenz

(Author Photos)

The London Armoury Kerr's Patent revolver shown above was presented by '"PRESIDENT JEFFERSON DAVIS

30-pounder Parrott Rifle, R.P.P. No. 385, 3,460 lbs, 1864, mounted on a concrete stand, No. 1 of 2 in Monument Square.

(MKFI Photo)

Two Union officers posing with a barbette-mounted 42-pounder seacoast gun inside of

Pre-dreadnought battleship USS Oregon. Barrels of intermediate-caliber guns are visible to the upper left of the large-caliber turret in the foreground.

HERE:S TO THE RIGHT STUFF AND THOSE WHO HAVE IT. Before Chuck Yeager turned 22, he showed the world what he was made of by shooting down thirteen enemy ...

Confederate Brooke shell from Johnsonville. Made in Selma, Alabama, a

Rare Confederate Cook and Brother Carbine .577 Cal. dated 1864. This may be the finest example known. Gun is complete with no repairs or alterations ...

Gun & Fez & Waffle

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A 9-inch Dahlgren smoothbore naval gun and crew in the stern pivot position of USS Miami, 1864. (National Archives).

QF 4.7 inch gun deck mounting.jpg


Naval artillery

Dreyse needle-gun


Union artillerymen posing around a smaller 10-inch siege mortar behind its epaulement on Morris

Paixhans naval shell gun.

1792 Contract Rifle

Early 19th-Century British naval 32-pounder guns atop Signal Hill, overlooking the

An historic Gustave Young deluxe engraved Colt. Model 1860 Army percussion revolver with rare double

Five-man gun-crew posing informally atop of an M.1829 barbette-

Starr us cavalry saber model 1813 and scabbard

Fort Moultrie's South-West facade

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Naval bombardment[edit]

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Gunner's pouch and tube pouch dangling together from the cascabel of an M.1829 32

Probable distribution of 32-pounder guns around the parapets of peacetime Fort Moultrie, ca

Side-view of a M.1845 24-pounder gun mounted on a barbette chassis, taken from the 1851 Instruction for Heavy Artillery manual

30-pounder Parrott Rifle, R.P.P. No. 385, 3,460 lbs, 1864, mounted on a concrete stand, No. 1 of 2 in Monument Square.

Palliser shot, the first armour-piercing shot for RML 7 inch gun, 1877.

(Author Photos, 16 May 2018)

DSC_4290. “

Kearsarge underway, circa 1898–1901. She is painted white from her main and

Pearl Harbor: Why, How, Fleet Salvage and Final Appraisal - page 151

Naval 32-pounder loosely secured by its thick, braided breeching aboard the 3-


Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Stripped of turrets, superstructure, and armor, Crane Ship No. 1 is prepared

(Jonathan Zander Photo)

(Library of Congress Photo)

British sailors cheer their American counterparts as Kearsarge visits Portsmouth, England, 13 July 1903

After seven months of dives, the wreckage of the CSS Georgia in the Savannah River


Age of Sail[edit]

(Joe Mabel Photo)

We bid farewell to Tortuga and Cormorant and headed on the to Norfolk Yacht and Country Club passed Naval ships being refurbished, DSC_4252

BL 12 inch Mk X naval gun – HMS Agamemnon has her guns replaced during a refit at Malta in May–June 1915

BL 18 inch Mk I naval gun – A close-up of the rear turret of Furious


USS Arizona (BB-39)

East Millinocket Veterans War Memorial, with a pair of 16-inch Naval Gun shells and two 37-mm M3 AT Guns.

The Great White Fleet steams in column from Hampton Roads, Va. at the beginning

BL 13.5 inch Mk V naval gun – The after 13.5-inch (343 mm) Mark V guns of the battleship HMS Emperor of India BL 13.5 inch Mk V naval gun – Q turret of the ...

Gunners with a high angle QF 4-inch MK V gun on HMAS Canberra c. 1940.

Admiralty carriage mount for an 18-pounder carronade, 1808.

36-pounder long gun at the ready. The pointing system and accessories can be seen clearly.

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Accurate fire control systems were introduced in the early 20th century. Pictured, a cut-away view of a destroyer. The below decks analog computer is shown ...

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One of the Union siege guns mounted in defense of Washington in 1864

KEY WEST, FLORIDA, USA - JANUARY 13, 2019: Visitors gather under the


Dahlgren rifled guns[edit]

Soldier hit by Artillery shell.jpg

(Library of Congress Photo)

1 Gun Barrel on display in East Willard Park, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. (US Navy Photo)

This cannon that was on a Confederate ironclad in Savannah, Georgia, was above the

Monochrome camera, 0.001 lux sensitivity at 1/3 the cost of a SIT camera. 108 degree angle of view with automatic back light compensation.

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5"/25 caliber gun

3.8" James shot, without the lead sabot sleeve that would cover the ribs and expand into the rifling.

... Cross-sectional view of the later Model 1845 tube and bore; click anywhere on

Civil War artillery bombardment.jpg

This afternoon we returned to see Walter at Action Master Marine with the Volvo owner's maintenance manual. Footnote 1) on page 83 reads: “About 80% of the ...

Specific shell and related guns[edit]

HMS Captain was one of the first ocean-going turret ships.

32-pounders in the Northwest Angle of Fort Columbus on Governors Island, ca.

Photo May 25, 10 55 19 AM “


24-pounder installed on a siege-carriage at Camp Defiance, with another atop