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The List of Reasons to Avoid the Oregon Zoo Continues to Grow

The List of Reasons to Avoid the Oregon Zoo Continues to Grow


The List of Reasons to Avoid the Oregon Zoo Continues to Grow

Questions surrounding the ethics of confining elephants in zoos around the U.S. continue to be raised while their advocates call for an end to elephant ...

Retire the Oregon Zoo Elephants to a Sanctuary

After only two days at the zoo, six of nine cotton-top tamarin monkeys who arrived from Harvard University in Boston died mysteriously.

In January, Kutai, the zoo's 20-year-old Sumatran orangutan, died from what were found to be “sloppy” errors on the part of veterinary staff. The Portland ...

2_Oregon Cougar orphans

If so you will be directed to overflow parking locations and can take a free shuttle to the zoo (yay for saving on parking).




1_Oregon Cougar orphans

Photo Credits: Oregon Zoo

Packy (left) and Rose-Tu, two Asian elephants at the Oregon Zoo

They survived the dinosaurs, but turtles worldwide are facing a modern extinction crisis, with half of all species at risk of disappearing.

A tiny, orphaned Cougar cub has briefly taken up residence behind the scenes at the Oregon Zoo's veterinary medical center.

Neka, a 6-year-old African Lion at the Oregon Zoo, gave birth to three healthy cubs on September 7 between about 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. The litter represents ...

121216-101 Photo Credit: Michael Durham/Oregon Zoo

Can the Zoo change its stripes?

The elephant exhibit at the Oregon Zoo / Jason Kaplan


3_Oregon Cougar orphans

The Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit is a genetically distinct sub-population of pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis), the smallest rabbit in North America.

African wild dog Lycaon pictus African painted dogs—also known as African wild dogs—live in the savanna, grasslands and open range of sub-Saharan Africa.

Tilly, a North American River Otter, is raising two tiny pups, born February 26 at the Oregon Zoo. The new arrivals — one male and one female — weighed ...

Cascade Grill

4_Oregon Caracal kittens Photo Credits: Michael Durham / Oregon Zoo

Photo credits: Oregon Zoo / Michael Durham

You can download a high rez pdf of the full report by clicking here.

photo: Anne Jacko via flickr

Oregon Zoo Gratitude Report

#67. Amazon Animal Review. OregonZoo Report

American black bear

Twilight Tuesdays at the Zoo / Jason Kaplan. “

CREDIT: Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants

Veterinary Medical Center completed in 2014

You can download a high rez pdf of the full report by clicking here.

You can download a high rez pdf of the full report by clicking here.

Through the years, the Washington Park and Zoo Railway created countless family memories and continues as a cherished part of a zoo visit today.

10 lion

Combined with copywriting by Rachel Zant and how to get viagra I, we told the story of Chendra, an endangered Borneo Pygmy Elephant, as it might be ...

The Carousel, installed in 2016

Staff at the Oregon Zoo recorded a rare Humboldt Penguin chick as it peeked out of a tiny hole it had made in its egg in preparation for hatching.

A "head-starting" project was initiated to protect the turtles during their most vulnerable stage of life and to accelerate their natural growth rates.

3_CaracalKittensOregon. 4_CaracalKittensOregon Photo Credits: Shervin Hess / Oregon Zoo

8 lion

They host camps and teen volunteer programs along with a 150-seat event space for lectures and documentaries.

A Humboldt penguin in the Penguinarium

The Oregon Zoo's 12-year effort to save the endangered Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit drew to a close on July 19, when the zoo released its last 14 breeding ...

Amur leopard in the feline area

Photo credits: Oregon Zoo / Michael Durham

Visitors to the Bronx Zoo see the elephants from a monorail. Most likely, they will only see two of the three Asian elephants.

Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon

Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York

Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, ...

Polar Bear (Nora) 8641 - Grahm S. Jones, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Carfree Kingston, a rail-trail path and more: New plan puts Washington Park's future in focus

In Defense of Animals Announces 2016 List of Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants

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Previously, on Zoo: whatever the hell this is wreaked unholy havoc CBS

Rabbits recently released from the enclosure have been tracked and are successfully living in the area — a good indication for future population growth, ...

Photo credits: Oregon Zoo / Michael Durham

Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford, Massachusetts

CREDIT: J.Byerly / Flickr. This is Honolulu Zoo's ...

3_Oregon Caracal kittens


And while the Zoo attracted 1.49 million annual visitors in 2017, attendance has remained flat over the past 10 years, while operating expenses increased ...

Why Do European Zoos Kill Healthy Animals?

When it all comes together you'll be able to bike from one end of the park to the other in dedicated space.

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Symphony performing at the Zoo in September

Hippo at Oregon Zoo


Highway Hellholes: 15 Roadside Zoos on the Blacklist

Pittsburgh Zoo and International Conservation Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis, Missouri. "

Edmonton Valley Zoo, Alberta, ...

Baby pygmy rabbit kits oregon zoo 1

African painted dogs don't stick to one territory; instead, they range between 80 and 800 square miles, hunting mostly at dawn and dusk to avoid lions and ...

Don Moore, executive director of the Oregon Zoo / Courtesy of Oregon Zoo

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia, South Carolina

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha, Nebraska

7_CaracalKittensOregon. 3_CaracalKittensOregon. 4_CaracalKittensOregon Photo Credits: Shervin Hess / Oregon Zoo

"I am honored, and I look forward to working with such a dedicated, passionate group of staff, volunteers and supporters," Moore said. "The Oregon Zoo is ...

Courtesy of M. Hutchins (1) That zoos ...

Lions in Cage at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park (GW Zoo)

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2_Oregon Caracal kittens