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The beauty of pepper spray is its effects are immediate due to its

The beauty of pepper spray is its effects are immediate due to its


The beauty of pepper spray is: -its effects are immediate due to its inflammatory

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When people think self-defense in terms of less-lethal tools, pepper spray comes to the forefront of their minds (and for good reason).

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But if you can truly prove that you were indeed defending yourself, then you will be acquitted on grounds of self defence. Nevertheless, you should keep a ...

Pepper spray uses a high concentration of the chemical that adds spicy flavor to peppers to irritate the eyes.

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These Guys Tried Using Pepper Spray in Place of Hot Sauce, and It Was a Really Bad Idea | HuffPost

Interview with a pepper-sprayed UC Davis student

What to do if you get pepper sprayed

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When it comes to self-defense options for personal safety, everyone wants to know: What is the best choice for self-defense? Most people will decide among ...

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Prison officers have said they needed 'more than a bottle of pepper spray' to

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California woman arrested after biting jogger who pepper-sprayed her dog

The teenage girl was attacked by a man as she walked through the centre of the

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Amber Swink started the night drinking at home — she ended it in a restraint chair being pepper-sprayed | The Independent

Democrat congressional candidate pepper sprays himself in the eyes to promote school safety | The Independent

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The officers conti nued to pepper spray not only the students involved in the heated fight, but also surrounding students who only witnessed it.

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You do not have to expose yourself to the risk of attackers and perpetrators due to the lack of money to purchase a pepper spray gun.

UC Davis Police Pepper-Spray Seated Students In Occupy Dispute (VIDEO) (UPDATES) | HuffPost

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A Hot Topic: Are Spicy Foods Healthy or Dangerous?

For the best value, you might want to get this double pack from Mace. The pepper spray gun kit consists of two spray guns and six refill canisters.


Wasp spray for self-defense: It's the latest rumor in personal safety.

What is a pepper spray?

Another product from mace that makes it to our top 10 best pepper guns is Mace Brand Police Strength Pepper Spray gun. It comes with OC pepper spray ...

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The Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle (TASER), not to be confused with the commonly known hand-held stun gun that relies on pain compliance (see: Stun Guns vs.


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Since the 1980s, the police have often used pepper spray to subdue violent or uncooperative behavior.

If you are looking for an ideal pepper gun for self-defense, then you should opt to go with Firestorm JPX 4 pepper spray gun. It is designed for less lethal ...


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13 Amazing Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper


Detainees from Africa held in a West Texas immigration facility earlier this year were subjected to

How to safely flush your eye If chemicals come into contact with the eye, it is essential to flush them out immediately. In this article, we describe how to ...

Then, turning to his fellow officers and brandishing the can in the air, "Don't worry, I'm going to spray these kids down."

Bear Sprays

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"The police sprayed pepper spray down my throat. I do not feel you have done your job protecting me on your campus. I hold you personally responsible for ...

Bear Sprays

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Another girl near me who has asthma had an attack triggered by the pepper spray, and she was taken to the hospital.

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What is a pepper spray?

Bear spray holster

Matthew Brewer's claim that he pepper-sprayed a suspect to stop him from


... his hands throughout the evening while he was being held. He asked a police officer what they could do to stop it, and they refused to give any advice.

Without the bear spray, one or both of us would have been seriously injured…

... handling the situation. Mia Gardea's mother, Susie Gardea, expressed to LasVegasNow.com, “I think they could have used something that was a little more ...



Burning eyes is stinging or irritation of the eyes. They can be uncomfortable and concerning. Treatment depends upon identifying the underlying cause.

Pepper spray used on migrants 'safe enough to put on nachos and eat', former US border patrol chief claims | The Independent

Her boyfriend, Cenek, hobbles out of the bathroom, clutching his bum with his

These Cayenne Pepper Benefits for Hair and Skin Will Convince You to Add a Little Spice to Your Beauty Routine

Why Pepper Spray?