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This really wasnt my favorite anime but I like this motivational

This really wasnt my favorite anime but I like this motivational


This really wasn't my favorite anime, but I like this motivational poster XD

Inspirational Anime Quotes

Why wasn't I that person. Anime Motivation

Sometimes i thought I really matter for someof my friends ... But then I realized then I only exists wen they need something

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Anime Quotes About Love

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Anime Quotes About Love

The edit is so beautiful, the words hurt sooo much

Kokoro Connect quotes. Anime Motivation

Anime Quotes About Love

Anime Quotes About Love

[image] here's some motivation from my favorite character of all time (i.redd.it)

25 Powerful Quotes From Re Zero That Will Give You A Lot To Think About

Haha I remember why we started stalking, kinda stupid I knew I love you deep down but I couldn't admit it and now I know it for sure // Charlotte Edit Anime

Who wants to have their life planned out for them? - Killua

Reallllllllllllllllllllly ❤ | anime quotes | Pinterest | Quotes, Life Quotes and Sad anime quotes

those 30 students judged me simply by my appearance and made judgement about me with little to no information .

Anime Quotes About Love

from my favorite anime movie, "Your Name" Sad Anime, Anime Love,

Anime Quotes About Love

Anime Quotes About Love

Don't by deceived by the cute artwork. This anime is a psychological series that tackles PTSD, Psychosis, and dark themes that are related.

till last term (that is like 4 months in ) we thought itachi was evil but then we find out he did it all for the leaf his leaf

Yuki wasn't my favorite either, but he was interesting. In the manga

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revue starlight

60+ Best Anime Quotes Of All Times. “

The fight is awesome and very well animated. From the starting some rules are established for both the fighters like deku only can block Shoto attacks 8 ...

Hoo boy, 2016 was a rough year (and that's putting it very, very mildly)-- but there were a few bright spots, and that's what we're here to talk about today!

Makarov Dreyar full body photo

10 Old-School Romantic Comedy Anime You Shouldn't Miss | MANGA.TOKYO. Like it?

My reasons have definitely changed over the years for learning Japanese. Japanese culture has permeated our culture – through anime, manga, and games.

Shuichi Saihara was my favorite V3 character honestly . I know I sound pretty stupid for liking the emo protagonist, but I related to his character a lot ?

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While it's plot can get predictable at times and many are not pleased with the number of episodes (858 and counting). But still this is fun to watch ...

Boku no Hero Academia (TV Series 2016– ) - Boku no Hero Academia (TV Series 2016– ) - User Reviews - IMDb

Hitsugaya Toshiro's Famous Quote Picture

Anime Quotes About Love

Anime Quotes About Love

Anime Quotes About Love

Jiraiya's Famous Quote Picture

A definitive ranking of 'My Hero Academia' characters

Naruto & Naruto shippuden - Personally its my Favorite anime. (Naruto-220ep ,shippuden-500episodes) its motivation, emotional, friendship based anime must ...

The animation is excellent too. But Prince of Tennis is quite a bit more exciting if you like typical shounen tropes instead of realism.

Naruto & Naruto shippuden - Personally its my Favorite anime. (Naruto-220ep ,shippuden-500episodes) its motivation, emotional, friendship based anime must ...

Top 10 Best Shounen Anime

Chrono's Famous Quote Picture

In any world line, any time, any place, I love you. - Okabe

Monkey D. Luffy Famous Quote Picture

Top 6 Inspirational Anime Characters

Sachi's Famous Quote Picture

50 Inspiring Motivational Quotes About Mental Toughness and Willpower | Inc.com

Crunchyroll - Forum - Anime Motivational Posters (READ FIRST POST) - Page 13325

Learn a foreign language with videos

Roy Mustang's Famous Quote Picture


Clare's Famous Quote Picture

Last, but certainly not least, is a pick that you may find a bit strange if you've been reading the reasoning behind my other favorite anime of 2016.

Kagome's Famous Quote Picture

Belladonna of Sadness- Another retro release, Belladonna is the third and final film in the Animerama series of erotic art films produced by Osamu Tezuka's ...


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To be able to sacrifice so much is truly admirable, and I find it inspiring.


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Villain protagonists are no stranger to audiences these days, finding love in many other shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards, ...

It's opening theme is still my favorite opening theme of all my favorite anime tho ^^

It's not really well known like some other

The only anime show I watch is Attack on Titan and I absolutely love it!


Hunter x Hunter is definitely a great one because it's funny,

Jiraiya smiling

Yukihara and the other chefs of Totsuki Academy.

There's an audience out there for stuff like this, but it doesn't include me.

dragon pilot hisone and masotan

free! dive to the future

my hero academia

rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai

“It's sad when your friends leave you alone but it's fun when you leave them and watch anime alone…” – Ghost Hunt.

run with the wind

The art is distinct and based on the source material, I realize, but the characters' appendages are often comically and distractingly large.

revue starlight

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In these aspects, anime contrasts the uniformity of real-world Japan, notes LA-based writer, actress, and cosplayer Molly McIsaac, who studied abroad in the ...