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Transformative Love Energies pervade our 5D Ascension articles

Transformative Love Energies pervade our 5D Ascension articles


Transformative Love Energies pervade our 5D Ascension articles. Daily Galactic Federation of Light Updates, Angel Messages and Ascended M… | Bizzare !!

Transformative Love Energies pervade our 5D Ascension articles. Daily Galactic Federation of Light Updates, Angel Messages and Ascended Master teachings.

Transformative Love Energies pervade our 5D Ascension articles. Daily Galactic Federation of Light Updates, Angel Messages and Ascended Master teachings.

Transformative Love Energies pervade our 5D Ascension articles. Daily Galactic Federation of Light Updates,

"When we raise our vibration, we tell our spirit that we are evolving and are ready to receive more light. When we are working in the first three dimensions ...

Divine Love; Fully Awake Engagement Sacred Geometry, Awakening, Chakras, Wordpress, Chakra

Remember no matter what God Loves You very much. You are loved beyond your current human understanding and You are watched over by the Higher Realms.

Janosh / Contact I make conscious contact with where I want to go.

Are You A First Wave Blue Ray Indigo?

Explore inspirational, rare and life-changing Rumi quotes and sayings. Here are the 100 greatest Rumi quotations on love, transformation and life.

Changing of our Light Bodies from 3D to 5D, is more a matter of relaxing


Cosmic Downloads of Upgrades ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

We're All Spiritual Light Beings Of Divine Consciousness !...Love Is

Are You A Blue Ray? You've heard of Indigo and Crystal Children,

Awakening Stars

This is a Reiki Clearing and Healing Package facilitated by the Archangels and supervised by Ascended

“Joy is the greatest accelerator for integration and transformation of Universal Life Force energy.


I Am Enough, I Am Grateful, Love And Light, Reiki, Compassion, Gratitude, Spiritual Awakening, February, Law Of Attraction

By Nicole SingerDaily Teachings of the Masters ~ Sunday, May 2017 Greetings, this is the Elohim and Divine Council of Light.Your deliverance is ke(.

Purpose ~ Be in the present moment to find your current purpose, for it changes

I am love. I am beauty. I am my magnificent self. I am worthy. We are with you little one. Namaste'

Power Tool: Self-Love vs. Unhealthy Ego A Coaching Power Tool Created by

Energy Update ~ Divine Encoded Upgrades Arriving to Transform The Human Collective - LoveHasWon.org

Angels-God-light-love-we are here to learn how to become Beautiful Angels that go live with God, or how to create Heaven on Earth Equal for all? ^i^ ❤^i^

Merkaba: The Chariot Of The Soul Photoshop, Chloe Madeley, Elsa, Meditation

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You are energy!

Goddess of Creation ~ Integrate Your Higher Self - LoveHasWon.org

I gratefully receive your healing energy of inner vision & divine love. Feeling your soul energy flow through every part of my being.

Connecting with your Higher Self, the source of your truth and light: Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

Eclipse Gateway of Transformation Activations

You are Blessed With Lots of Love And Light From The Universe! Light Quotes Inspirational

Angelic self

I AM Presence | Who are you Being? Theosophia Is The Way. Divine Light

Connect to the Higher Self -- but be advised, most of the art portraying this…

How to get to the Cause of your Issues. Release the Trigger and LET IT GO

If You Choose To Love An Awakened Woman - "If you choose to love an

Illuminated Soul by CarlyMarie Spirituality Tattoo, Buddhism Tattoo, Buddhism Symbols, Spiritual Symbols,

Ufo, Aliens, Sci Fi, Science Fiction

12th Dimension Ascension Activation with Seraphina Spiritual Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Spirituality, Archangel Zadkiel

Know Thyself (Quote)

What Are Tarot Cards? Made up of no less than seventy-eight cards, each deck of Tarot cards are all the same. Tarot cards come in all sizes with all types

In our recent video diary Transformation of Humanity, we spoke of the pressing need for people everywhere to reclaim our spiritual power in order to ...

Illustration | Stardust | Pinterest | Geometry, Illustrations and Shamanism

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Furry Art, Chibi, Manga

What's Been Going On?

These are some of the beautiful 'rainbow' of soul groups streaming their light together that night, many vibrations and qualities of love.

So for this Lunar Eclipse, we invite you to open your heart to the beautiful high triune 'Three-in-One' energies aligning through Sirius, Alta Mira and ...

On Christmas night, December 25th, the energies crystallized through a flash from a Sirian lightship, which you can see one side and tip of in the photo ...

Quantum Leap Portal – The Cardinal Grand Cross – April 23-24- Pleiades

Beautiful Intentions Crystal Grids

The Irish Pony Club Black Tie Ball

DSC08704 - Copy (2)

Here are the shifts of energies that took place, anchored through the mountains (along with specific pyramids within the global pyramid network), ...

Two nights later on November 15th the sky filled with high energies, swirls of orbs moving in huge spirals, like spiral galaxies full of the lights of ...

Karol Giblin - Energy Healer

The Removal of the Veil ~ How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately

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We are moving through intense cosmic turbulence, profound timeline shifts are occurring. We may feel we are flickering in and out, becoming almost ...

Everything is clicking. Wake up people. I am finally connecting with myself. You may not understand these pictures but if you really read them they will ...

🌐Happy 111111, at 11:11am, my #SoulFam loves.

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Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Grounding Into Your New Reality ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ January 9, 2018

What an amazing feast of energies July has been, and continues to be!! Every morsel gives us something new to use within our lives, within our field of ...


The orbs/soul family energies flowed forward over the driveway, flying lower and closer.

The Shift is happening, the game has changed. We engage all our senses, meditate love frequency and surrender to the Zen Zone.


All the energies that we held on to that are not love and light will progressively

ARNO PIENAAR: “Identify Your Agent Smith In The Matrix”

New Earth Ascension – in5d.com – 6-3-16

The purification process has begun! – How to tame the incoming energies, feel at peace and regain your balance quickly and efficiently

His/our 5D soul light was radiating through the orb as it hovered just above the ground, with a merge of our feminine and masculine energies in 5D ...

The second secret that the Cabal is trying to hide is that interactions between female and male polarity create a toroidal electromagnetic field that ...

Shubhra Chaturvedi @ Facebook – Upgrading Vibrations – Ascension To Light and Love – The 5D Reality – 10-21-15

Two of the orbs circling Mars during the 11-11-11 energies, blue and green-purple.

The New Earth the Earth Changes | Unidentified Flying Object | Second Coming



Becoming my destiny....💜💙💜💙💜 #consciousness #transformation

In this universe everything is energy and this is a fact. It means that we are living in a ocean of timeless/spaceless energy -light- that manifests itself ...

Channeler: Fran Zepeda

Coping with our Ascension requires cosmic common sense. This Webinar will help us develop a true understanding of how the Ascension process is preparing us ...

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Operation Crystalline Grids ~ Streaming Love wherever we go. Inspiring others to share whatever you



Close-up, in the 5D emanation (with the contrast heightened on the right) our soul light is representing as human male/female in form (with long white hair, ...

On November 16th, our 'trinity friends' formed another straight line, this time directly toward the Moon, with Mars (the bright light lower left of the ...

Channeling The Federation of Light ~ A World Of Love And Only Love Lies Ahead

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