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Vespasian Psalter n the 9th century several leaves were added to

Vespasian Psalter n the 9th century several leaves were added to


Vespasian Psalter

Vespasian Psalter: n the 9th century, several leaves were added to accommodate supplementary material. The manuscript henceforth was p…

Vespasian Psalter

... the Alfred Jewel, the Vespasian Psalter, Beowulf, items from the Staffordshire Hoard, the Domesday Book, these and many other gems are all there in ...




Lichfield Cathedral MS 1 p. 218

8_MS 286 f. 129v (20MB)

The beginning of Psalm 38, from the Percy Psalter: Add MS 70000, f. 55r.


Vespasian Psalter (Cotton MS Vespasian A I f31r)

Add MS 18197 f. H K90054-08

Reading Between the Lines: An 11th-Century Bilingual Psalter

Cotton_ms_vespasian_a_i_f030v Remarkable artwork in the Vespasian Psalter ...

The opening of Abbot Burchard's Apologia de barbis with an intricate anthropomorphic initial including bearded faces (France, 12th century): Add MS 41997, ...

68. Cambridge Corpus Christi 183 f. 1v


Review: Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War at the British Library. vespasian-psalter-e1544054116966.jpg


Se eardath VespAi12r

A drawing of nine bearded figures from the late-medieval period added at the end of Burchard's 'Defence' and inspired by it (France, 12th century): Add MS ...

Vespasian A. i, fol. 13v

DIM opening Ar155.175v '

List of illuminated manuscripts

This prestigious psalter was produced in England, possibly in the late 8th century. The precise dating of early manuscripts is always open to a number of ...

139_R.17.1 f.24r

The Ricemarch Psalter is an 11th century Welsh illuminated psalter, in a late Insular style

DIM opening VespAi156v


Initials from the beginning of psalms in the St. Albans Psalter.

Vintage colour print after an Illumination from the Vespasian Psalter of St Augustine, 8th Century

Insular art

... details of each exhibit, every one of which is photographed beautifully, and there is also fascinating background information in a series of essays, ...

Image 6 (BL Medieval Illuminations Cover). Medieval Illumination: Manuscript Art in ...

To say this is a 'once in a generation' exhibition seems absurdly modest | The Spectator

The Tiberius Psalter was made in Winchester in the second or third quarter of the 11th century, and has a series of prefatory drawings in the typical lively ...

Decorated capitals beginning a letter from Alcuin to Charlemagne: London, Lambeth Palace Library MS 218, f. 191v


athelstan What happened in ...


Stockholm Codex Aureus f. 11r

Page from the Chludov Psalter (9th century).



The Illustrated Psalms of Alfred the Great: The Old English Paris Psalter « Dutch Anglo-Saxonist




110_B.16.3 f30v

Vespasian A. i, fol. 82v

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Vespasian A. i, fol. 52v

Vespasian Psalter section 1 Image found at www.lancaster.ac.uk


Vespasian A. i, fol. 158r


Vespasian A. i, fol. 77v


Opening of Beowulf

Image 1 (Lansdowne_MS_420_f008v)

Annotations in the margin of a letter collection of Alcuin's letters: Harley MS 208, ff. 87v–88r. The manuscript was copied in 9th-century ...


Illuminated manuscript · In ...

St Benedict and monks, in the Eadui Psalter: Arundel MS 155, f.



Harley Psalter

And what real gems there are here! This magnificent page from the Harley Golden Gospels, so well named, is a riot of gold, pattern and colour.

Vespasian A. i, fol. 27r


Matthew Paris Map of Britain (Cotton MS Claudius D VI 1)

Vespasian A. i, fol. 34v


Cotton_ms_tiberius_b_i_f141r. Cotton_ms_tiberius_b_i_f141r





11th century walrus ivory cross reliquary (Victoria & Albert Museum)

These items are on display in London thanks to the generosity of Birmingham Museums Trust and the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.


The note found at the end of the book

Detail of decorated 'IN' in the Echternach Gospels: Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, ms latin 9389, f.


Cotton library

Pyramus and Thisbe beside a fountain, from Ovid's Metamorphoses, southern Netherlands, 4th quarter of the 15th century: Royal MS 17 E IV, f.


Sorcery was often personified by an old woman. Here she has a severed hand and uses her stick to poke at a pilgrim. In her baskets she has 'Many knyves and ...


Tiberius Psalter. The Harrowing of Hell in ...

Harley Psalter (Harley MS 603 f. 7v) (c) British Library Board

Friendship of David and Jonathan. Vespasian Psalter. Canterbury (?); 725-