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When side quest is more important Sports humor t Memes

When side quest is more important Sports humor t Memes


Man up , bitch Packers Vs Bears, Nfl Bears, Chicago Bears, Football Jokes

Patriots humor featuring Tom Brady, Coach Bill B., and Aaron Hernandez! That's harsh but if the Jaguars can beat the Patriots why can't my team?

NFL memes: cowboys (they never get a day off of jokes lol) Vikings

And just because they have Greg Jennings doesn't mean they'll be hoisting a Trop.

There's nothing better than a funny basketball meme. So we decided to post 20 funny basketball memes we could find on the internet. We'd cite our "sources", ...

Replacement Google and the 10 Funniest NFL Ref Jokes, Tweets and Memes

Start/ Sit Fantasy Football, I like sports, but I really like fantasy football

funny basketball players - Google Search

MomDot. Sports Humor ...

I'm Your Biggest Fan Football Referee, Football Memes, Football Stuff, Best

Funny Sports Pictures NFL | Nfl Funny Pictures Nfl memes, sports memes, funny Funny

Humor · Side missions ...

aaron photo bombs Not a Packers fan but these are pretty funny no matter what NFL team you like

PUBG: 25 Hilarious PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Baseball/softball and football are my sports! Fantasy JoneZ · Football Memes & Humor

20 Paw-esome German Shepherd Memes

LeBron Screaming

MemeStill ...


Best Bets: Where do you want your action in college basketball this weekend?


16 of the Greatest Pug Memes on the Internet

The joke has been on Nicklas Bendtner for far too long | Daniel Taylor | Football | The Guardian

Memes say everything so much better don't they? We have put together here 10 memes that will take you back to those much missed days of rushed projects, ...

portraits of 2016 memes

Even ...

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Other funny quips drew similarity to Hillary Clinton losing the presidency in November, remarking how

Good example of two outright lies: the old “Obama is a secret Muslim” conspiracy, and the incorrect notion that the U.S. hasn't done anything about ISIS.

I'm not sure why I found this so funny but I did. Maybe because it reminded me of this cat meme. 66094c26efcebb9d9bbf2ef422016c3a

Another meme featured the State Farm Insurance fisherman that lured the coveted trophy over Falcons quarterback

Sooottt lagani hai. Via: Tribe of Dardanaak Jokes

How do memes get produced? The most efficient explanation is through a comparison to the drug trade. Memes are traditionally spawned on the dark side of the ...


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In case you haven't noticed, the Patriots are currently what I'll euphemistically call “thin at wide receiver.” I call it that because it makes me feel ...

Speaking out: Earlier on Monday, Rihanna shared a meme about Gucci Mane and his

Jokers today flooded the Internet with Brexit memes as Cabinet ministers continued to walk out over

12 of Our Favorite Bulldog Memes

Twitter users created memes highlighting the funniest moments of the royal wedding, poking fun at

Gwyneth Paltrow delighted fans when she responded to a meme about her

Lord of the Rings: 16 Hilarious Movies Vs Books Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Funniest Barack Obama Memes of All Time

Source: tecHindustan

Full basket: At times light, accessible and even anti-intellectual, memes can also serve as a primer to current affairs and also be a comment on society

Reddit /u/ thebouts89

This year in memes kicked off in spectacular fashion thanks to “salt bae,” otherwise known as Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe. It was on January 7 that he ...

In a hilarious thread shared to Bored Panda , users shared their experience of Christmas,

These 10 funny memes will take you to your school days

Funniest Kim Jong Un Memes

Full ...

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 11.09.06 PM

Siberian Husky memes compilation

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JR Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers grabbed a rebound with time winding down and his team

Laina Morris became the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" meme. She has embraced her online fame. Courtesy of Complex hide caption

A Hilarious C-Level Executive Assistant Spills Insider Thoughts You Wish People Knew — OfficeNinjas

... having more serious and in-depth conversations ourselves, rather than letting the images we share on Facebook be the extent of our political activism.

Thus, the internet was quick to respond with plenty of people — like Dana Scully, who never believed in aliens on The X-Files — who still did the jobs they ...

Ezekiel Elliott's jump into Salvation Army kettle inspires hilarious Cowboys Win meme

one does not.jpg