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Working In Retail LoL t Grappig Meme en Funny

Working In Retail LoL t Grappig Meme en Funny


LOL!!!! (Thank Heavens I like my job, but this meme is pretty funny).

When you hear a customer tell their child "It's ok they get paid to clean it up."


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Don't do it!!

You do YOUR WORK, and I'll do MINE, and then all the work will get DONE. But not by just one person. K?

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Funny picture of the day. Retail humor


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Daily it's another fucking JOB

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The customer is always an annoying asshole with no fucking clue and an undeserved sense of entitlement.

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But of course I love my co-workers! #work #humor #office #jokes

Me, after the fourth call in a row. Work Memes, Work Funnies,

Every day at work for me 😂

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I WORK 10 HOURS THROUGH THE NIGHT AFTER BEING UP 14 HOURS! But I have it easy and shouldn't complain!

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Yet working retail it's every day after you had a day off.

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Lol so true not only in retail but as a server as well. "This will be the last time I ever eat here" "ok."

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Been there and done that....glad that chapter is closed! Everyone should have to work retail once in their life!

haha - memories of days working in retail! #funny

I say this every single time I go to work and I could not agree more!

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When you pull in your job

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Lmao im dying this is literally me like 5 days out of the week buying wine the guys that work there know me now lol

When you have those "off" days and mess up on a chest xray Work

I don't mind overtime but this response was hilarious! Lol Cashier problems

Bad boss! lol

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work like I can't

walking into work meme - Google Search

Hahahaha! One of these days, the ultimate question is whether it would be said to a customer or a coworker! LoL

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Work humor. More

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I don't just hear DMX; I become DMX😂

Lol too funny, i like almost everyone i work with but some. well fit this lol

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No coincidence. Tune in to watch the ultimate bitchy boss, Diana. Watch the new… | HILARIOUS | Funny, Work humor, Humor

Anyone that works retail or offers a service will understand this.

"The 22 Most Soul-Crushing Things About Working Retail" These are true, true, true...TRUE!

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Lol every Friday

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Never seen anything more true than this picture right here! lol

LOL....funny, but sadly true

My job is not crap... but the lack of communication sure is! When the newbies see that too is when I feel this way

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Some days I wish I worked alone.

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Thank God I don't feel like this anymore! Lol! - Des

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LOL. Every day at my first retail job. I'd leave in the morning happy and excited and come home swearing I'd never set foot in that place again.

Every day in retail... #classyontheoutside #realontheinside #retail #funny #customerservice

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Funny, not funny, lol

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When your alarm goes off and you have to go to work because you didn't die in your sleep. Memes. Kermit memes.

Working in retail, talking to annoyed customers... This is SO Hapari. Some people are so rude.

Haha so funny! I can be a real pill at work. I can be too serious, take my job too seriously. Sometimes I imagine it's hard on others. But, this is true!

Adults aren't much better in stores…anyone who has ever worked retail knows this is true!!

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This is for my brother, who has his first post-graduate job interview tomorrow!

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Worst joke in retail. This pin needs to be more popular.

Literally Just 100 Memes That Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Work In Retail

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Retail robin -- I have to admit I actually did this a lot!! Whoops..... ~K

Haha if you can't fulfill your job

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We look like we're being productive, but really, we're just talking shit about co-workers and how drunk we got this weekend.

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