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Horseriding horserider equine H O R S E S t

Horseriding horserider equine H O R S E S t


#horseriding #horserider #equine we walk together. I don't lead and you don' t follow.

#horseriding #horserider #equine

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A riding clearing a jump in a local eventing event. Denzil O'Brien, Author provided

#horseriding #horserider #equine "Riding, like life, doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderfull."

Credit: Courtesy, Eliza Sydnor Romm

The more correctly you use your aids to communicate with your horse, the better he

I don't do dressage, but Lady and I have come so far together. Lou Purchase · Equestrian Empire

When horses and their riders are unprepared for the out-of-arena experience, a simple walk through the woods turns into a series of frustrating or ...


There's no denying the freeing power of a good gallop - horseback riding is clearly the best therapy!

#horseriding #horserider #equine A barn isn't just your horse's home, it's yours.


horse riders on the trail

Horses may be injured by weighty riders, a new study has shown

Jumping and speed work can overload the deep digital flexor tendon when it stretches to the

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Bryn Mawr Riding Camp

Horses are Like Potato Chips... You Can't Have Just One!

With a little bit more consideration for both horse and rider winter riding can be an enjoyable experience.

Charro Riding is Horse Abuse

Horse Rider Insurance

#horseriding #horserider #equine Sometimes horses bite and step on your foot but they will still love you and there animals they don't mean to so give them ...

Equestrian jumping has long been associated with royalty.

Horse Riding Confidence beings when you change your thoughts

2 IMG_6064 At Paint and Quarter Horse ...

western rider on horse

Charro Riding: Cruelty Behind The “Dancing”

Riding requires strength, balance and skill and can be very competitive. Image:Evelyn Steinweg/Getty Images. Horseback ...

SHOWS Shows at Columbia Horse Center

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco loves riding and uses it to keep herself in shape. So much so, she owns several horses and competes at Jumping in her ...

No matter what the cause or expression of your horse's anxiety, all riders need to

Horses and ponies are large, often unpredictable animals. They are beautiful and, at the same time, a potential hazard. All riders and keepers should know ...

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Brian Walker competes Garfield in a hunter derby at the Kentucky Spring Horse show in Lexington

The Charlotte Charity Horse Show was held June 24-26 at the Latta Plantation Equestrian Center in Huntersville. Money raised from the event will go toward ...

Riding without stirrups, rider position, horse riding, two point trot, two point

Jenny Lance says that while navigating small uphill or downhill slopes, the rider?s


Rider Position

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) is a major equine health problem worldwide. Some studies have reported an incidence of ulcers in performance horses in ...

Seems like a simple question, right? Unfortunately, there is no 'one-size fits all' answer. Unlike a ladder, horses don't come with load limit instructions.

There's also no need to limit yourself to a local yard. If you can cover costs of transport and if there are rides or a horse is allowed, ...

Horse Rider

A large part of riding problems are related to the natural crookedness of horses. Especially riders who practice hand dominated riding will encounter major ...

Bri Weibel leads a group of horse riders on a trail


Dinnie Greenway with a young colt on her farm just outside of London, Ont. (Mike Heenan/CBC). Dinnie Greenway loves riding horses ...

The Endurance Horse Rider of Dubai

Riding horses in groups increases safety, especially if one of the horses is experienced at trail riding near traffic. Journal photo. Horseback riders can't ...

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#horseriding #horserider #equine wish i were doing this

A Devastating Fall Couldn't Keep This Rodeo 'Rider' Off Wild Horses

Arabians tune in to you: Trainer Crystal McNutt uses awareness, connection, and consistency

Tribute: Dozens of riders turned out on their horses to remember Ella at her funeral

An apprentice is a working student whom has riding skill working with green or difficult horses, and is looking to gain knowledge and experience.

Credit: Courtesy, Kelly McGinn During her pregnancy, McGinn was careful to only ride

Fantastic traffic-free riding

Horse Rider Insurance

To ride a horse is to ride the sky …

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kato bjørkum hanssen on Twitter: "#gracefully #equestrian #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #dressage #equestrianlife #equine #pony #pferd #instahorse ...

What Does a Horse Farm Manager Do, and What Do They Earn?


A stoplight (with a button to push) is located on Whiskey Road, one of Aiken's busiest roads, for horse riders to safely cross.

Can My Horse Read My Thoughts

Mephibosheth Farm, established in 2002, is a beautiful nonprofit 501(c)(3) therapeutic horseback riding facility located near Wingate, NC.

Riding Forces You to Be Patient. horse and rider ...


I usually respond by telling myself to keep calm, and then I say something like: "Oh you think riding isn't a sport?

girl riding a horse

We need to prevent further jockey deaths in horse racing

Sport Horse Soundness and Performance by Cecilia Lönnell. 7.18 USDF Connection — “An equestrian ...

A Case of the Plastic Horses